what is your opinion of smoking weed?

what is your opinion of smoking weed? curious.

Answer #1

I triesd it before… dont like it thou it frys my head…

so id say dont!! better off wi out it and it cost 2much!

Answer #2

I think it’s stupid and turns a lot of people into life long losers, but I also think it should be legal.

Answer #3

It’s stupid…just like normal smoking and drinking to much.

Answer #4

Not something I’d do. of course almost every single one of my friends does it.

Answer #5

I think its okay to smoke it …but not all the time and not that much!

Answer #6

I’ve never done it but heard its fun…its not the worste thing you can do lol

Answer #7

I used to smoked marijuana for about one year, it started because of curiosity and I was so eager to have different sensations and perceptions of reality, I’ve got the first time an expensive and good quality kind, because the less you smoke was enough to make a good HIGH, a better trip, no paranoia. When I was high I felt many things, hunger, thirst, inspiration to think, love, peace, joy, happiness, fear, sometimes paranoia, loneliness, and many other sensations. I came to realize I had to stop doing it every day, because my memory was not going well, the concentration and ability to learn and remember details and small things was not the same. I was aware that it was becoming an habit, an excuse to let go the daily stress and lack of good things happening in my life, but when I tried to stop doing it every day, I just couldn’t find any good replacement for weed, for example alcohol have different reactions and effects to the body and it is expensive to do it constantly and the hung over is inevitable, and I was not for trying other drugs since marijuana is supposed to be a soft one and not addictive. My expensive weed was over and I had to get more, even if it was not the good one, but spent some time without doing it, and once in a party I’ve got a cookie made with marijuana, wow, it was so strong for me, I enjoyed it a lot, and it was because I had about 2 or 3 weeks without smoking. I was not feeling the need for smoking, I was just trying to realize how slave of my self I was, and from time to time I stopped doing it, because in the beginning when I saw a nice sunset, a cleared sky or just feeling in the mood, I smoked to get all of the sensations possible to “enjoy the moment”. Now, I realize that all those good things I felt, like peace, joy, love, inspiration to think, are just part of me, I do not need to consume anything to feel and perceive reality in different ways because, I am capable of feel with my own will and own lucid brain, just have to focus and let my spirit take control of my perceptions. I believe it is better and more enjoyable to do it once in a while, not every day, about once every 10 days in a calm, relaxed, stress free and quiet place, it would be better if you are by your self or with some one who’s company and conversation helps you to grow and to learn good things from life. Do not surround your self with fools or dumbs while smoking weed, bad idea, waisted time, you will be tight to their dumbness or unreal ideas or thoughts. Shamans and many other spiritual guides in ancestral cultures used several kind of drugs to get in to a deep conscience state, opening their perception deeply to nature and existence in a special ritual for those ready to finish discovering the spirit within. Imagine now an urban citizen who’s fears, curiosity, rage or social pressure dragged him to smoke what was consider a ritual and special plant made for the gods. What do you think the result might be in both examples???
Do not use weed to feel pleasure or lots of laughing, this is like slaving your self deeply into this world of drugs because from time to time, weed won’t be enough to feel high and you might jump in to another stronger and addictive drug. If you are by your self when doing it, try this: Analyze your physical existence, and how billions of cells born, grow, fights for life and die, in your own body. If you want a proof of your brain going dumber, try to solve a middle difficult sudoku before and after smoking, you will notice the difference. Good luck my friend!!!

Answer #8

Here goes nothing - I smoke weed everyday, a lot of my friends smoke weed too. As I have smoked more and more pot I also smoke the occasional cigarette now and then too. I always used to say I was never going to try it but I did and now I smoke it a lot. I don’t find it that expensive because I try to spend my money on others things, but as your friends smoke for longer and longer, they become more and more about the pot. Yes, I do believe that smoking pot leads to trying out other drugs but only if you’re the kind of person that tells yourself that (mind over matter). My friends and I argue a lot more than we used to and there are a lot more problems and conflicts now because of pot. Either because someone doesn’t pitch or someone thinks they took their weed. I smoke weed every day, I do believe it should be legal, but it’s up to you to chose if you want to smoke it or not. If I could go back to the way things used to be I’d more than certainly take that opportunity, there’s not one day that goes by that I don’t wonder what it would be like if I had never started smoking pot. You always tell yourself “Oh yeah, I think I’ll stop next week, month, semester or next year.” But the thing is…it never happens. So take it from the stoner, smoking pot is fine but try not to make it a habit, and keep your priorities straight. In any situation it should never be _ < Pot.

Answer #9

everything is better with a bag of weed.

Answer #10

From what I’ve researched, even short-term marijuana use carries a lot of risks, especially involving the way your brain works. When you use a mind-altering substance such as marijuana, you are much more likely to make bad decisions. These bad decisions can involve driving a car while under the influence of the drug, making sexual choices that are unsafe or out of character for you, or saying things that you regret to other people.

Marijuana can also affect your judgment about other drugs. You may drink too much or try drugs you never had any intention of using while you’re under the influence of marijuana - not a good road to take in Life…Take care !!

Answer #11

Wow, driving a car under the influence of marijuana… you would go below the speed limit and stop short of red lights. lol

Answer #12

it’s great!! make sure your not going home for a while afterwards tho kus you feel all ‘floaty’ for a good while!! but it’s great fun!=]

Answer #13

all those things mentioned in the first paragraph are also true of alcohol.. what makes alcohol less dangerous than weed? you are just as or even more likely to make bad decisions while drunk.

Answer #14

In my oppion Never say Never. I’d Love to try it one day. Even though I kills a lot of brain cells. Im a very smart person.

Answer #15

I think smoking weed and drinking alcohol is stupid

Answer #16

its not good but its not bad its just like beer but illegal

Answer #17

I like weed haha I dont think its bad its just a plant that people smoke im pretty high right now and its just fun and feels good just makes you hungry..

Answer #18

Weed good I don’t smoke It any more, but Its good If you have lots of food, and your just chilling with your mates.

Answer #19

I’ve never done it before,but just from the smell of it sickens me,every time I go by someone smoking it I have to cover my nose and mouth so I won’t inhale it. A lot of people think it’s cool when it really isn’t cause they apparently don’t care about their lives or others cause they continue to recruit others to start it,then it just spreads like a virus from an area to a block to a county to a city and so forth. Half the people I have seen in my life smoke I loose ALL respect for them,and they usually end up asking why I stopped being friends with them,I only like clean friends. But hey,like I was once told,if they want to screw up their life,let them but don’t let if affect YOURS cause that isn’t the road you want to go down,it would be like throwing your hopes and dreams by touching a cigar of any kind.

Answer #20

I think it’s absolutely essential to daily activity. It’s escape. It’s vacation. It makes dealers richer & smokers pooer, but GOD, it’s so amazing. People make too big of a deal out of pot. They look and search for the worst possible scenario that can happen to you by smoking weed. It’s really not that big of a deal. As long as I keep my head straight and not let my life go to the gutter, I’ll be fine. Like wotty08 said, everything is better with a bag of weed. :D

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