Is it ok for guys to like manicures?

Is this ok for a guy to do? Im a 29 year old guy and I like having my nails done at the beauty salon. I also like to wear nail polish on my toenails. Right now im wearing pink nail polish on my toenails. Im also interested in getting a set of acrylic fingernails next time I get my nails done.

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its nothing to impress about but even if you are maile or female,
we all are differ taste.
So if you are guy and you like manicure, well, thats your self, you like it or weither not like it.
Its your own choice

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Remember this- it's your life do what makes you happy- these day social norms are corssed al the time- people devote too much time to hate and discrimination (both are learned) live and let live carpe dium

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Getting them done nice and clean with clear polish is okay but not common. I think acrylic and pink is more on the gay side. Sorry. No lies here.

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Well, you had me until you mentioned the nail polish. I love it when guys keep their nails manicured, it's pretty hot that they want to look nice for me. But I draw the line when you want to paint your nails pink, and get acryllic nails. It's okay for you though. You do whatever you want, because it's your life.

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well, I mean the acrylic nails are just a bit too far, but umm...
if you like to be fruity, then go ahead.
joke, but you should probably stop it.
do you even have a girlfriend?
what does she think about it?...

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A lot of guys get their nails done... Its actually quite common these days...

I think its ok to do whatever you like to do as long as you're not hurting anyone...
(I say live and let live)

But the only guys I know who wear nail polish are gay and do drag, im not trying to be insulting here, these are my friends im talking about...

my point is, other people may see this as an indication of your sexual orientation, and others will just find it weird...
people arent usually comfortable with things that break social norms...

but as long as you're willing to deal with small minds and probably a lot of grief from those small minds...

Also acrylic finger nails arent the most professional things, so you may want to keep that in mind depending on where you work...

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well, it's not really "normal..."

but heck, what IS normal these days.

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well if your wearing pink nail polish then you must be gay! its not really ok 4 a guy to do! I mean just goin and gettin them fixed then thats fine!! STOP WEARING PINK NAIL POLISH!! OR ANY NAIL POLISH!!! :)

good luck and remember no more nail polish!!! :)

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ew no thats gross and sooo gay!!! seriously you are so gay that is NOT ok because some people like me hate gay people and like gag and stuff so being gay is probably not good you should go on dates with girls because were hottt and we know it

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well its not to common for a straight guy but I guess you can do what you like with your life and your nails

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Wow ohhsocute...that was really rude. If he is gay, there's nothing wrong with it. People can't control how they feel. It's like trying to tell you that you can no longer like guys and have to like girls...see if it works.

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are you gay?

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