Male cat after neutering...

Does anyone know if a male cat’s personality will change if he’s neutered? We have a very sweet male cat, about 6 months old, and we’re getting ready to get him fixed this week. I worry that he’ll come back different.

Answer #1

I was afraid of the same thing, but I finally neutered my 1 year old male cat. he is actually so much more playful now and loveable. before the neutering he had grown into a very grumpy and contrary cat and always had his mind on nothing but the female cats. he wouldn’t even eat very often. he stayed frustrated all the time. thats when I thought it would be best for him if he was neutered. its the best I could have ever done for him. now he eats a good diet, he plays with the other cats just like he is a kitten again. and now he lays with me all the time and is always rubbing on me. he seems like such a happy cat now, where before he seemed depressed and frustrated. he is still very loveable and caring with his own kittens, still acts like pack leader and protects the other cats, and he still hunts mice like normal. I don’t think you will regret having him neutered. there are also some medical/health benefits to neutering as well as the fact that he won’t reproduce more babies! the only problem my cat has now is that he still wants to sometimes pick fights with my other male cat (I don’t know if its because the other male is not neutered or what, but I plan on neutering the other male and hopefully that will help).

Answer #2

why does my male cat suddenly pee on my furniture right after being nutered

Answer #3

he will stay sweet I always get my cats fixed and the males dont spray and wounder looking for females and seem to be more loveing toward me.

Answer #4

I got my cat neuterd when he was like six to he seems so much sweeter now he will sit beside me and let me pet him but when I got my female cat spayed she is the same still hunts all the time!

Answer #5

Neutering a male cat is an excellent step in helping your young man grow into a loving well adapted household citizen. The main reason to neuter a male cat is to reduce the incidence of objectionable behaviors that are normal in the feline world but unacceptable in the human world.

Roaming, fighting and urine marking will be reduced 90% after neutering.

This website will go more in depth of what to expect.

Answer #6

We got my mom’s cat neutered years ago. The only differences I saw was that he stopped spraying, he became less playful, and he became very lazy, but he’s still a very loveable cat.

Answer #7

I have 10 cats, 8 females and 2 males. ALL of my cats are spayed/neutered. I have not noticed any changes in their behavior. My males are just as sweet and cuddly as before (actually my one is more clingy now) They will concentrate on you more now since the “sex drive” is gone. Hope this helps.

Answer #8

I have adopted a male cat 1q0 months old from a friend’s friend, the cat is not neutered will be on monday. I have ttwo other cats one male and one female both are fixed. my question is will the new cat start playing with my younger male cat once he is fixed, they don’t growl at each other and will hang out in the yard together.

Answer #9

can a cat get pregnant again while still nursing

Answer #10

he should be just fine.:)

Answer #11

Im getting my male cat fixed today! I was worried about his personality and I wonderedif he would not act the same… Im just so worried about picking him up tomarrow morning and realizing that I took my cats manhood! Am I wrong for doing so ! Im totally for “Control the pet population” but My “Chewy”(cat) is the alpha male in this house… Any Advice???

Answer #12

I just had my cat neutered. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. My cat is three years old. He changed from a Tom cat (starting to stink, and starting to hiss at me)into the most lovable, sweet cat. He plays again. His coat is shiny and smells good. He is even “chirping” again. He acts like a kitten again.

Answer #13

I have had male cats my whole life, indoor and outdoor, and I loved them all very much, I have one now that just tuned a year in February (Kitty) In my opinion I believe I know what to raise a cat quite well and I would never go without neutering them. They dont change after. you wont even see a difference. like the other person said. it stops them from bolting outside, spraying, crying at the window, and other behavior dealing with female cats in heat. and Trust me, you will not miss those actions

Answer #14

my cat became angry with us afterwards, he even growls at us, he never bites tho

Answer #15

Your sweet cat will get even sweeter! Neutering is definitely the right thing to do and you will be glad you did it. Don’t wait until he starts spraying and fighting. Neutering will eliminate what would be his urge to roam and fight and mark his territory. Be confident in the fact that you will be preventing litters of unwanted kittens and also doing what is right for your precious boy. You’ll see; he’ll be his sweet self and better!

Answer #16

The cat wont even realise that its ‘manhood’ is gone! it will just become lazy and more lovable… it will demand more food though, just dont cave and give it to him, give the same diet as before or you will get a fat cat!

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