Making Techno Music...?

How do you make techno music?

Answer #1

Find you favorite sounding software by trying demos and reading some reviews on forums and websites. I suggest you to learn the basics of programing synth, if possible find some tutorials on that one you choosed to purchase (softsynth or hardware . Learn the technical terms for each sound (for example : deep dub chord ) and you will easily find some guides how to create one on your synth. Then you can add your own touch by tweaking knobs and give it your flavour. Learn the basics of mixing instruments and how they are interfering with one another, so you can make your tracks sound good. It is essential that you find some book on drum programming and music theory. In techno music it melodies and beats are not so complexed , but if you know how to make a catchy melody, it will make you go : wow, did I make this?? And you will get the feel of a real creator, which is realy good for you self confidence and self worth (a bit of psychology :-)).

With first steps in learning the basics (which is essential to grow as a producer) you will start to feel like you have your foundation where you can build on. You will find your self asking : whats this knob do? or : how can I make my bass sound better and catchier for human ear?? why is eq-ing instruments important?? you will search, find the answers and apply it… and it goes infinite and you grow and grow… Keep it un-real. See you on the other side :-)

Answer #2

In my opinion one of the best music creating products out there is Sony’s Acid line. These are awesome programs that are pretty easy to use once you get used to it. The two current programs they offer is the program “Acid Music Studio” which will run you about $55 for the full program and loop package that’s included or there is the professional version called “Acid Pro 7” which will run you about $300. Either one you get would feature the same basic format and layout though obviously the pro is going to have more features and having used both I would recommend the cheaper version unless you know a lot about equalization of tracks, inputting from midi formats, and at least the basics of sound recording. They both come with a package of “loops” which is what you would use to make the songs and they offer a variety of different loops packages on their website, though all you need is a sound file primarily in the .wav format. You can pickup either versions of the software at your local best buy or similiar store. You can also download a trial version for free or pay for and download the full versions on their website ( )

Hopefully that will help you out, it might take a little bit of time to get use to the controls and features but once you do you will get addicted. Also a little side note, this software is useful with creating any genre of music, be it techno or trance, to hip hop, rock, or anything else you can imagine and the program is really easy to use when it comes to recording your own tracks such as guitar, vocals, piano, or any other instrument.

Answer #3

Techno as in like Old school 2Unlimited stuff or cooler cuts like Deadmau5, Trentemoller and like Techy kind of stuff?. I’ve been making music for a while now and I’ve been through a huge learning curve! First of all you should start to get to know music I.e. Basic chords, scales (although nothing too much too early), buy a copy of Cubase (4 would be cheapest retailing at £109) or I think $225? buy some VST’s (Virtual Instruments) Budget-wise get one called Z3ta+ (Only works with PC). Start to make basic songs, but if you get thirsty for more professional things and want to get like that (Tiesto sound) or (Deadmau5) sound then get a book on synthesis and learn how to make the sounds from scratch (It’s worth it!) if you can’t be bothered learning how to make the sounds, get a synth listen to your favourite song E.g. Art Of Trance- MAdagasca (Richard Durrand Remix) and say right ok it sounds a little sharp the basic sound so I’m going to start with this sound and just make it as you listen…As one of Trance’s finest say’s there is tonnes of synths out there to click a few buttons, but it’s goot to limit yourself, it helps build your imagination -Armand Van Buuren (In April’s Sound On Sound Artical) Not quite the exact words but that’s what he means. If your only looking to to this as a part time hobby and nothing serious I highly advise a program called (Magix Dance Music Maker) it’s all loops you just put together to make a basic song. If you are seriouly into this then just PM message me and I can give you some more advice, tips or anything you like music related. Good luck. :)

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