How can I apply emo or scene makeup?

I need help

Anybody know of any kool emo/scene makeup ideas

Including: lips…eyes…face..and anything else

I rele need something new for tonight

Tanks and yooh can email pics if ya want or put them on here thanks

Answer #1

Become active on a social site, Stickam, Buzznet and other social networking sites. Post a tons of pictures of yourself and the shows you’ve been to. These should all be at strange angles [usually from above and a little to the side]. Mastering scene=style photo-taking will take a while, so remember to practice. Don’t put up too many pictures before you know how to take good ones, however, or you’ll just look dumb. Add as many friends as you can, including random scene kids, and check out what they are listening to. Download every song ever recorded by that band and research the band’s history. Look up the band on iTunes and you’ll see a bunch of other probably scene bands under ‘Users also Bought’. Download every song by these bands too, and soon you’ll be well-educated in scene music.

Get Scene Hair. Scene hair is usually black or bleached blonde and sometimes has random neon streaks such as pink or green in it, but this is not a must. Its usually very big and puffy at the top, the size of this depending on the length of your layers. There are many variations of scene hair, so feel free to invent your own, but be warned that it may not turn out to be scene in the end. The hair is the most important part of a scene kid: if you don’t have the hair, you really have nothing. Also, get the hair before you start dressing like a scene kid, or you’ll be called a poser.

Wear eyeliner. Black eyeliner is a must for all scene kids, especially the girls. I would suggest to start out with the pencil eyeliner, as it is easier to apply and doesn’t get as messy if you make a mistake. Once you get better at applying this, you can gradually start using liquid liner. Liquid is good for getting that cat-eye look, and looks very neat - but be warned, its easy to mess up. There are many variations of eyeliner. Wings on the outside of the eye tend to be popular. Make sure both eyes are symmetrical, or you’ll end up looking like an idiot.

Wear skinny jeans or straight leg jeans. While the tighter the better, find a decent fit for you, because no one will talk to you if you look like a fashion victim. Girls are recommended to have tight form-fitting jeans in a vintage or dark wash. Ripped jeans are also acceptable, and once you start developing your own style you can wear different washes and styles - but remember that they must ALWAYS be skinny! Girls can also wear denim skirts or black stretch skirts, as long as a decent pair of leggings are worn underneath (remember, you can never go wrong with a pair of solid black leggings). Guys should find a decent fitting pair of girl jeans, or somewhat of a fitted straight leg jeans as well. The tighter the better, but remember that the rest of us do not want to be able to see the vein in your thigh through your jeans! Boys pull your pants up really high. It makes you look like a scene kid. Peg the bottom of your jeans/pants and roll them up an inch or two to show off your socks. You can pull your socks over the bottom of your pants if long enough. Two different color socks look good.

Stock up on band shirts and graphic shirts. If you’ve done your music research, load up on classic band t-shirts (I.e. Enter Shikari). Get the tightest fitting t-shirt, within reason. Don’t wear crew necks often, as they can be very unflattering. Scene kids should listen to “Conway Twitty”, “Jimmy Buffet”, “Harry Chapin” and “Brook Benton”. Look for shirts that have the “old” feel. If you can actually find a vintage shirt, more scene points. Anything with Pokemon on it is automatically accepted, as are shirts with foil prints on them. Shirts with spiders, cobwebs, birds, brains, Disney characters, skulls, dinosaurs, and the like are also acceptable. Get classic shoes. Start with Vans Classics, or some Converse, then branch out to any style of Vans you want. For girls, ballet flats and other formal low heeled shoes, also boots of any kind are accepted. Also Very Bright Shoes that are Colorful and Mostly Nike or Lakai. Accessorize. If you’re a girl, invest in necklaces that have spiders, broken hearts, owls, Hellokitty, keys, cobwebs, skulls, and the like. Oversized sunglasses with thick black or white frames are acceptable, and cat-eye frames are another good choice. Wear a shape that flatters your face. If your face is round, wear square glasses, if your face is square, wear round glasses, and if your face is oval, wear whatever you prefer. Girls should wear plenty of pastel-colored hair barrettes, clips, ribbons, and bows. If you’re a guy, keep your keys dangling on the side with a carabiner attached to a belt loop.

Take up the scene writing style. Add extra letters to many of your words. For example: “rawwr” “kiiid” “kayyy” “baaby”. Spelling your name in odd ways is popular as well, as is giving yourself a second name in addition to your first. Use scene lingo like “rad”, “Ace”, “stellar” and “niggz.” When you do write comments on people’s pictures, always end them with “xoxo” “x” or “<333” and even little smiley faces like “:]” or some variation of thereof. find videos of Audrey Kitching or Avista Amuyan using scene lingo; that will help a lot. In addition to reseaching scene music, it is advisible you also reseach at least the most renound ‘Scene Queens’ and associated internet figures. Some important names to know about include: “Jeffree Star”, “Audrey Kitching”, “Kiki Kanibal”, “Hanna Beth”, “Raquel Reed”… there are many more; try and have as broad an understanding as possible. Research can be done most easily using sites such as Wikipedia, Buzznet, a social site and Stickam. It is not neccessary that you idolise all or any of the scene internet celebrities; however, openly hating these scene idols will effect the way other scene kids respect you, due to rivalry between many of the ‘scene queens’ etc. For example, hating on Jeffree Star, will isolate you from Jeffree Star fans, though may increase your popularity with Audrey Kitching fans. Be sure to have considered this before making bold decisions regarding your like for certain scene idols. Go to shows. Shows are important, and all scene kids know everything about their music. If you know some local bands, be their friends, and brag about it. Girls should mosh at shows. People hate scene girls that don’t mosh. Wear what flatters your body; looking put together and dressing your body well never goes out of style.

Answer #2

cat eyes =) and snake bites (I know its not makeup but there hot!)

Answer #3

go on youtube they have really good idea =)

Answer #4

Start with power to even out your skin. Then use liquid cover-up if you have any blemishes. For your eyes, wear black eyeliner with a bright colored eyeshadow (blue, pink, red, ect.). DO NOT USE BLUSH. Uneless your hair is the same color as the blush and you want to pull and Audrey Kitching (, Do. Not. Wear. Blush. Wear false eyelashes instead of using mascara. For your lips, do not use any lipgloss. A soft pink or nude lipgloss will do.

Here’s some ideas:


  • If you have restrictive parents that won’t let you go crazy with your makeup, buy colored eyeliner instead of black and don’t wear eyeshadow.

  • Remember though, it’s ALL about the hair, not so much the face.

Answer #5

just slap a ton of makeup on.

and how is she a poser? how are you not a “poser”? everyone is doing what everyone else is doing, no one is original these days. so basically, you’re a “poser” also because you got your style ideas from someone else.

Answer #6

umm, hate to brake it to ya. but if your trying to BE emo/scene, your not. your a poser, if you are trying to be emo.

Answer #7

It doesn’t make her a poser. She didn’t ask how to be emo/scene. She asked how to do her makeup that way. As in, she likes the way it looks, wants to try it out, but doesn’t know how so wants advice. Jeezzee

Answer #8

Vidoejug has a lot of makeup videos too.

Answer #9

cat eyes! dark eyliner! blue underneathe your eyes! pink at the ends! snake bites for sure!

Answer #10

guy liner and pink under neath the eye…

Answer #11

well did you try putting thick black liner at the top of your eye lid and then applying it at the bottom and then take a blue or whatever neon color and put it around got to if you actually wan tgreat makeup and scene hair ideas thats ware I got mine from and other sites like scene styles. try those

Answer #12

cat eyes! dark eyliner! blue underneathe your eyes! pink at the ends! snake bites for sure!

Answer #13

uhm this is to mymorbiddance I believe she said scene/emo MAKEUP. not how to be a poseur scene/emo.

Answer #14

mkay people… you can’t be a poser when it comes to being scene/emo, your not born that way, you develop that way. so if you want to point fingers, point to your fingers. and as for the girl asking the question slopping on make up isn’t always the best idea, it may not look flattering, try some different things, like try different styles of it first to see witch one looks good on you. (apply well, big blops of clumpy eyeliner looks bad on everybody) good luck :]

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