What color makeup should I use with blue eyes?

what colors of make up should I use on my eyes?

Answer #1

blue eyes a pink or light lime green

Answer #2

If you want the superstar look try like a light blue on top a darker blue in the middle of your eye and the darkest blue on the bottom that will make them pop.GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #3

It depends on your skin tone. Hope this helps!

Olive Skin: Light Tans and Shimmery Golds Fair Skin: Bright Purple, with Glitter Rosey Skin: Deep Blue and Vibrant Greens

Answer #4

use light pinkish silver colors i use sunkissed sand you can buy it at walmart its covergirl and its in a case with two brown colors try it it will make them bluer expecially when you look at pic of yourself

Answer #5

i have blue eyes, blonde hair and fair skin. brown,green,gold, and purple shadows work the best for me if done right. I love pinks but they do nothing for me. so i just avoid them altogether

Answer #6

well i have blueeyes and theyre big and i have blonde hair and peachy skin, so i avoid using pink toned eye shadows cause i feel like it washes me out so i use silvers and pastel shades,and i love using eyeliner and lots of mascara!!!!!!!!!

Answer #7

Well, for eye shaddow try to go with a nice brown on top. Than do a very think layer of mediem blue or sky blue.

For your lips try a nice Copper berry.

And the rest is all up to your style!

Answer #8

To debunk the myth, there are no particular eye shadow colors that are perfect for blue eyes. When the color is the right shade and applied correctly, I believe that a person with any color of eyes can wear any color of eye shadow. Because that doesn’t help you go to the store and pick out an eye shadow here are some guidelines.

There are two predominate schools of thought on how to choose eye shadows:

  1. Match your eye shadow to your clothes. The plus side of this method is that you can create a dramatic look with the combination of shadow and clothing. (Imagine an icy, pale lavender-colored sweater and white pants with matching lavender eye shadow.) Using this method can also help draw attention to your eyes if you’re wearing bright or dark-colored clothes that might overpower more subtle eye make-up. The drawback to this approach is while your body may look good in a fuchsia shirt, that doesn’t mean your eyes look good surrounded by fuchsia. Furthermore, choosing an eye shadow that matches your clothes and looks good on your eyes can be challenging.
  2. Match your eye shadow to your own natural coloring. On the positive side, this method creates a natural look that can be elegant if done dramatically, or simple and clean when applied with a lighter hand. This technique works for all occasions and will match any style or color of clothing. The downside is that, depending on your coloring, this may not be the best approach for you. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair, yet none of those colors work well for me as eye shadow. Also, it can be hard to understand what your natural coloring is and how to find it in an eye shadow. Matching your natural coloring can also be less dramatic than matching your shadow to your clothes.

Because, choosing eye shadow can be difficult no matter what color your eyes are, here are some basic rules to help you pick your colors:

Try it out! The first rule is to experiment. You won’t know what looks best on you until you try it. Buy some inexpensive shadows in a wide range of colors and play around. When you’ve found a color that seems to works with your skin, hair and personal taste, then you can search within that color to find the perfect tone, hue, texture, and quality that works for you. Don’t be afraid! Don’t be bashful! Mix colors together and see what you get. If you’re unsure of a color, test it on the inside center of your forearm. This will give you some idea how the color will look on your skin before you put it on your eyes. Don’t test it on the back of your hand, as is usually recommended, since the skin of your hand is usually far darker than the skin of your eyelids. Once you’re ready to put on the color, start with a light layer and build up in light layers until you have the darkness and color you want.

Lavender Lavender, as well as most pale pinks and pale purples, work well for almost any eye color. They work especially well with blue eyes since they bring out the lighter tones in the eyes and make them seem bluer.

Smoky Smoky eyes, if they are appropriate to the occasion, look good on anyone. For the simplest smoky eye: Line the eyes as closely as possible to the lash line with dark gray or black shadow, or a black eyeliner pencil, or a kohl pencil. Then smudge upward and outward toward the eyebrow and corner of the eye. Smudge the bottom only slightly to soften the line, but don’t drag downward because smearing the dark color under your eye will make you look tired. Powder over the pencil, if you use one, with dark gray or black powder to set it and soften it further. Apply mascara and you’re done.

Try some shimmer. If you’re nervous about choosing the wrong color, then don’t pick a color! Try putting some body glitter, or even bronzer, above your eye for attention-getting sparkle. If you’re adventuresome, and want only a little color, try silver. Don’t forget the mascara, though. Nearly nude eyes will need the definition of a coat of mascara.

Go natural. Often, the best make-up colors for our face are those we are born with. Most people have a medium shade on their lids, a darker shade in the crease extending to the eyebrow, and a pale shade just below the eyebrow on the bone. Look and see what your colors are and then play them up with colors that are slightly darker or slightly lighter. For hooded eyes apply a slightly lighter shade than your skin on the lid to make them stand out. For eyes that are very prominent, apply a darker shade than your skin on the lid. For the ultimate in natural looks, don’t apply any eye shadow at all. Instead, carefully apply mascara for definition, then apply cheek color, and lip color and let your eyes sparkle on their own! Colors to avoid: There are several colors that seem like perfect matches for blue-eyed folk, which in reality don’t work best for blue eyes. But, don’t count them out completely. If they work for you, I say go for it!

Blue Blue often competes for attention with the natural blue of the eye, and so distracts from the eyes, which should be the center of attention.

Brown Brown eye shadow, although it seems the natural opposite of blue eye shadow, tends to clash with blue eyes and make them appear duller. This may be because the warm brown tones are in opposition to the cool blue tones. Instead of reinforcing the blue of the eye, the brown draws attention away from the eye.

Gold Gold clashes with blue as well, for the same reason brown does, though if you have tan skin you could possibly make it work. As an alternative, silver works well because it is a cool tone which draws out the blue, and it can add the same attention-grabbing shimmer as gold.

Answer #9

try neutral colors brown cream peach

Answer #10

I have big dark blu eyes and I use brown eyeliner and that like seems to make them lok bigger and prettier but w/e

Answer #11

a thin layer of lite blue eyeliner on the top lid.

Answer #12

i have blue eyes and i use like bronze brown and gold like the shiny ones from mac

Answer #13

browns and pinks look pretty or purple because I have blue eyes and blond hair

Answer #14

I have blue eyes and black eyeliner is what i used and it bring the blue out more

Answer #15

RUBY & MILLIE MAKE UP SET, CHARITY AUCTION The Ruby and Millie Make-up Set 1 comes with the following items from the Ruby and Millie cosmetic range: Nail Polish colour (brown), 3 shades of eye colour pots, 2 cheek roll on tubes, 2 lip glosses (pink & nude), compact mirror, stipple face brush

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Answer #16

Im going to dissagree with brighteyes on the matching your makeup with your clothes idea. Theres nothing cheasier then to do that!

If you want a dramatic look go with black eyeliner and black mascara it will make your eyes pop with the contrast! Grey also loks gorgeous with blue eyes. Also try brown eyeline

Answer #17

I have very blue eyes, and the color on me that seems to make them pop the most is purple. Dark green, rose and even dark blue also makes them pop.

I found what works best for me through countless trials and errors, I don’t wear light colors for the most part, also because my skin is very pale. Just experiment and see what makes them stand out the most!

Answer #18

May be this is an individual thing and depends on the blue color/shade.

My eyes are a medium blue with a brownish tan around the pupils and lighter blue stripes that radiate from the pupil. If you are into the seasons of color my eyes are a perfect spring.

As a child my eyes would shift sometimes from blue to a more green blue but finally settled to my present eye color. As a result of the varying eye colors, I have experienced with a lot of eye shadow colors to see which best suit to bring out the blue in my eyes.

For anyone else with similar eye color, blue eye shadow does nothing including the lighter blue shades and the dark shadows are generally just too harsh. I also discovered I did not want to accent the light blue stripes that radiate from my pupils….Too scary.

But when trying to accent the lighter brown around the pupils, the blue color intensifies. So light browns, tans, and khakis work well but the lighter the shade the better. Purple does nothing, absolutely nothing for my color of blue. Grays, most shades are amazing but my coloring is warm and the gray shades can wash out my skin tone.

Estee Lauder made this shade of green gold that was soooo excellent but then they discontinued it, entirely (did not sell well enough). Pink is tough to wear but I found a good shade from Physician Formula this summer. It was expensive but works well. It is the only pink shade that has worked well. It’s in with other pink shades that do little for my eyes but to get the one shade of pink it was worth the purchase.

Finally I am a natural light ash brown but am usually blonde. My born ash-brown hair is amazing at bringing out my blue eyes naturally but again I am warm undertoned and am washed out or mousy in the natural ash color. Blonde is wonderful for my skin color especially when I lighten my eyebrows a little but my blue eyes tend to fade out if the blonde is too pale or neutral. When going natural (without makeup) a gold medium to dark blonde hair color and a little tan works well for the blue eyes.

Answer #19

Hi, You could try going for that ‘smokey’ look:

  1. Prep the lid. The key to keeping eyeshadow from melting into your eyelid crease as the day goes on is to kept eyelids oil-free. To do this start with an eyeshadow base (also called ‘primer’).

  2. Apply eyeliner. If you’re going for a typical black, brown or gray smoky eye, apply liner in one of those colors above the upper lash line, drawing line thicker in the middle of eye.

  3. Blend in color on bottom lashes For color on the bottom (a key smoky eye look) you’ll want a lighter eyeliner. The key is to ‘smudge it.

  4. Apply light base color Again, the key to a smoky eye is pairing a lighter base with the darker hue.

  5. Blend in darker color, but keep dark color below the crease. Now that you have the base and eyeliner on, it’s time to get the smoky effect. You need a darker eyeshadow shade.

Answer #20

I have blue eyes that pop pretty easily with most any shadows, but I agree with a lot of people so far. Browns, greens, purples work really well, but always go for the shadows that come with like 3 or 4 colors/shades.

I LOVE Maybelline’s choices, especially the ones that have labels on the shadows themselves. They tell you where exactly to put it on your eye, and they’ve worked the best for me. My three favs by Maybelline are #22 Chai Latte, #20 Velvet Crush, and #40 Designer Chocolates.

#40 I use when I feel “cute”, because its got a shimmery pink in it and its more subtle than the other two.

#22 I use a lot when I’m going for a semi-formal look; its a lot of brown and pretty dark.

And #20 is my boyfriend’s favorite ;) so I wear it any day I feel like impressing anyone.

20 makes them pop the most I think, but you don’t want to wear the same thing all the time because its less special!! Good luck!!

Answer #21

brown on the lid and blue on the brow bone makes blue eyes stand out

Answer #22

so I have blue eyes too so I useually use like a graish or brown look at this color

Answer #23

blue eyes are GORGEOUS! I wish I had blue eyes! Anyway, the most important thing is to not mess it up. if you mess it all up START OVER! I like to put a base color then add some bright colors closer to the nose and slowly decrese the amount of second color. greens and browns are the prettiest on blue eyes gals

Answer #24

At my school we had a professional come help us with hair make up nails that stuff. I have blue eyes too. she says that colors like browns work really good. it does. and some black eyes liner and mascara. it makes them stick out very well. hope I helped :D

Answer #25

I think it’s pretty when blue-eyed girls wear black eyeliner (not a lot, but enough to make eyes look defined); black mascara, and white eyeshadow. I dont know, I just love the contrast :]

Answer #26

Brown, blue, and grey are recommended, but I think that heavy dark black makes them pop! My friends always compliment my eyes when I wear it like that. They’re always like “You’re blue eyes look really good today!”

Answer #27

Use lot of shade of blues and maybe black eyeliner or mascara, something that matches on what you are wearing basically. If you are wearing blue clothes then go for blue shades simple.

Answer #28

I have bluee eyes and brown pureple eyshadows works for me. DONT WEAR PINK EY SHADOW! Try brown eye liner and brown mascara and peach colored lips and blush!

Answer #29

I think that when it come to eye shadow purple works best like everyone else is saying but when it comes to eye liner black or gray work the best with black or brown mascara. Oh and try Bert’s Bees Lip Shimmer shade merlot it looks stunning when coupled with fair skin blonde hair and blue eyes!

Answer #30

I have darker blue eyes, and i have tried about every color and every shade out there. my sister is also a makeup artist so when i see her i get some new techniques and stuff like that..anyways, i totally agree with the browns,golds,and lighter purples, however everyone says pink is a bad thing, i think people with blue eyes look really good in pink, if it is done the right way, you have to have just the right colors of pink to blend and some are kinda repulsing but the end product is really cool. I did my friends makeup for a date and she really liked it, she wears it like all the time now. anyways…just throwing it out there that when the shade and technique is right pink is rad.

Answer #31

I have blue eyes. and the color I normally use is a shade of blue, a light one though. but it’s sparkly, and you can tell I have it on. It kind of depends on what kind of “look” you are going for.. Some people don’t want it to look like they have much make up on, and some do. I don’t really care in my opinion though. I use a different shade almost everyday :) But the blue, is my fav.

Answer #32

well a lot of the answers are good. my fav colour is purple but for the eyes I would go with a soft lavender and a smokey eyeliner. I personally use more eyeliner(as shown) but there are different types of BLUE.. my eyes are very blue they look green from a distance.but when I apply my eyeliner and follow the natural shape of the eye it looks nice. but yea, experiment untill you find what suits you. but I would say…lavender/pale green/gold/smokey brown.and maybe beige. on this photo I have applied a light green.

Answer #33

actually I have the same problem but I just found my solution :) this might sound wierd but no eye shadow at all really brings my blue eyes out and I also use chocolate brown eyeliner and it reeally brings out my eyes

just today I switched what I did to my make up which was what I just explained and got so many compliments and the one compliment I liked the most today was… wow your eyes look really pretty :D

but if you would want to wear an eye shadow purple is great to make blue eyes stand out


Answer #34

lemme make this easy: dark blue- deep purples/pinks deep blue- tans/silvers/darker blues light blue-light purples/hints of green/pinks

Answer #35

ya mam lol

Answer #36

If you have blue eyes using a green eyeliner brings out the colour of you eyes, sounds werid! but it works:)

Answer #37

with blue eyes you need to use yellowy orange colours for eye shadow, brown also looks good. for eyeliner you should use dark brown. Do not use blue eye make-up on blue eyes, you may think it will make your eyes stand out but it really blends your nice eye colour into the background. trust me if you look in bueaty books or ask make up artists they will tell I am right. so good luck! :)

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