Make-out positions???were to put my hands...

I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 monthes...we make out all the time but we always make out with me laying on top of him... I also have always have my hands on around his neck

position idea's...

hand positions...

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the next time you 2 are making out and your standing up have your hands start up high... like on his face or neck... then come down across his shoulders or back... and just progressively continue down more and more and more.. then... you hafta use a lot of force... grab his butt. :)

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play with his shirt,
pull his hair in a hot way.

there's really only one position when your making out...
your knees on his sides so that his body is in betweeen his legs.
OH! let him control your moment..
or, like move on top of him...
guys tend to love that ha.

fun mail me if ya need anymore tips (:

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Well you can makeout on furniture. I use to like it when my ex boyfriend through me up against a wall or picked me up. You can also try rubbing your hands around his back or inner thighs if your comfortable. Also, try rolling around so you are on top sometimes (its fun being on top). Encourage him to kiss your neck or lower if you want

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Well play with his hair. Rub his chest and if you want to go further then go a litle south and give a small squeeze. It drives them crazy!

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