Make money quick without parents knowing?

Do I have to ask again? How do I make money quick without my parents knowing???
Please don't ssay the usual stuff lllik.e dog walk... My parents would know then

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why cant your parents know??! wash their cars for money!

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you can do this thing (I dont do it, but I heard about it) that all you have to do is have phone sex with people and they send your money to you. haha :P

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oh I was just wonderring what I could do without really doing anything... Ahh confusion confusion I just want money
Oh... umm... I basically asked this question so no-one would say stuff like dog-walk and things

My Parents won't let me get a job
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don't become a hooker, you could get pregnant or get sexually transmitted diseases. sorry, but I can't think of anything that you could do without your parents knowing. why don't you even want your parents knowing!!!

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I want to know hot to cause I am trying to earn money for a zwinky zcard and I dont want my mom knowing cause I am not aloud to go on zwinky

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it was just a question I was wondering how people would answer

Is the lottery rigged?

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ha ha sell drugs!!!
dont really that would probably be bad.

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guys serious please... im saving up for an ipod touch

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hookers make a lot of money in one night

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Try opinion outpost, they ask you for your email, address, and PayPal (you can set up a paypal without a card, but you'll need a card if you want to buy anything), but opinion outpost doesn't send anything to your address either way. You just take surveys that they email you and you can earn up to $30 every two weeks.

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