make me pretty!!

I like this guy, he is hot but I dont think im good enough!that group only look at hot chicks and im not hot. I have a small gap in my teeth a few pimples and freckles. I want to be pretty by I just cant. I need tips on how to look better so he will notice me and make me feel better about myself

Answer #1

and for the pimples buy a very good face wash ask a professional and see what face wash they think you should use, and for the freckles you cant do anything about them but try and hide them with a little makeup. You could also think about buying padding for your bra if you need it. Good luck darling. Let me know how you go ok.

Answer #2

Sorry, messed that up, Hello, I live in England and i somehow stumbled on ur question. Made me feel sad :( . Im 26 , so ive been through all that self concious stuff (although, i know, it lasts forever for some) First of all Freckles can be really cute, think Lindsay Lohan/ Lily cole (most sort after model of planet at mo, even over taking Kate moss!. Having freckles means you will have an underlying porcelain skin that doesnt age. You may have pimples now but they will go with age. As for the teeth, get some braces, dont let any money or any issue put you off, do everything within your means to get them fixed. I had crooked teeth and i could never look in the mirror and except myself till i finally got them fixed(WAY TOO LATE). As for pimples, they will go witha age but if ur really desperate, Ill give u two tips- first of all try doing nothing, absolutely zilch. Dont bother washing ur face or applying any creams- at the end of the day were animals and do u see them getting zits. Being over zelous with the chemicals doesnt help, but if that doesnt work use skinceuticals retinol 1 - u can get it for about 30 dollars on US Ebay - Im almost sure it would clear your spots but review it first if your unsure. To finish , you sound like a really pretty girl thats just going through puberty - The truth is, no matter how pretty you are, you would still be encountering the same stumbling blocks. Most important thing is to get ur teeth fixed. In Uk we get it free, do u not there??

Answer #3

Look I know how you feel I’m a 13 year old girl who has grew up with every girl being prettier than me.I like this guy well actually two guys and both of them like me as a friend.The girl who commented before is right you need to have confidence, it might not do much by hearing this from a young girl but trust me boys don’t like girls who can’t accept themselves but if you ever feel like a cuddle from a gorgous bloke then say your ugly infront of him ( make sure you and him are good friends) and he will give you a cuddle, well that happened to me :> I have freckles and i hate them, i went make-up shopping and came back with eyeliner and mascara so do get a profesional to help you when bying things but other than that be happy and don’t let your looks bring you down because what you see might not be what other people see.

Answer #4

Girlie! You are beautiful because God doesn’t make ugly. You can easily fix up those little small things. For the gap, you did say it was small so it probably is nothing major to worry about but do see about braces, the only thing is that they are expensive. For acne, which i can attest to, I had horrible acne…try out Proactive it works wonders,I don’t even have scars or anything. Freckles…if you are not allergic to make-up try MAC it is expensive as well but it is beautiful makeup, go to the mall and let them give you a makeover so that you can find out what best suits your skin. If you cannot afford it then get Revlon liquid to powder makeup and a concealor stick, make sure you ask someone to help you though so that you get the right color and everything. Next time you go shopping for clothes ask one of the younger workers if they can help you find some of the newest fashions and trends in clothes. Your hair…you should try getting some layers, you cannot go wrong with layers, girl. Or try rolling your hair up at night and go with a soft curly look. Most of all, have confidence. That shines brighter than anything. If you don’t think much or yourself why should he??

Answer #5

OK girl lads don’t care about spots I still got lads with spots when I didn’t wear make up When I was 12 and 13 years old. When I was 13 and used to just put foundation on my face which was pale you could still see my spots so what everyone gets them when there a teenager . When I was 14 years old I did wear loads of make up lol got loads of boyfriends make up and no make up does the trick lads don’t care about what you look like it just depends on how you act and that. You can stand out by wearing nice clothes really . You can be pretty just by putting mascara on you could wear fake tan

Answer #6

I think you can be preety! Just put on some pimple cream. Clearisol is treally good! I bet you can look preety if you try! Besides you sound preety anyway. You should be confident and show that boy that your confident. I think he will respect that. People with frecles look great in perms for some reason try that. I have mild acne yet boys like me because i am confident and not to toot my own horn but i’m cute. I think you can be cute too! Don’t get down if he dosent respect you, you should only date or like boys that cherish and like you for who you are!

Answer #7

Here is something I learned: If a guy is “hot” and only looks at a girls looks, he isn’t worth your time. Don’t try to change who you are because of one person. Other people may love the way you are, and changing for that one person isn’t worth it. I tried to change my looks and even my personality and in the end I pushed away my close friends. Think about it twice…do you want someone to like you for your looks, or for who you are?

Answer #8

Lemon juice can help fade freckles.

Answer #9

Im the same, im 16 at still at school but I find that everyone is prettier than me,I have spots but not too many and I am almost flat chested.I really like this boy but I know I’ve never got a chance with him. I have blonde hair and blue eyes so people expect me to be pretty but im clearly not. I have had boyfriends but they dont last. At parties and stuff peoplealways comment on my hair as I have it down and curly and they say I look really pretty but I doont fell it. This friday at school we have what we call mufti day which is were you pay to wear your own clothes for school, I need something that makes me look pretty to try and impress him…I have a gap in my teeth and have had braces but I have realised its not as bad as I thought it was…I bet you are prettier than me and just feel confident , you are what you are and any boy isn’t worth it if they dont go out with you just because you aren’t as pretty as other girls…xx Ellie

Answer #10

OK, have you ever though of getting braces on your teeth? If not go to the dentist and speak tothem about the gap and tell them you really dont want it there anymore that its making you really self concious and try and get something done about that, also get a new hair cut or style dye your hair a nice colour that suites you get the hair dressers oppion not your friends (they might be a little picky and myabe even jelous). Paint your toe nails and finger nails every second day, learn how to put on make up (dont over do it at all that will just look silly). and buy some new clothes

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