What does major mean on the education part for a job application?

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Major = area of specialization for your college degree, usually a bachelor's or four year degree.

Since you're asking, it's doubtful that you have one so just leave the section blank.

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And do you know what is phone console?

What does "present occupation" mean on a job application?

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It means what you specialized in. Since you're 16 I doubt you have your bachelor's yet...

what does course of study mean in a job application?
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Now you're scaring me...if you can't figure out the job application please do the company a favor and ask them to explain it to you...otherwise, you're wasting their time and yours in applying.

what does degree/area of study mean in a job application?

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Of course, this means a bachelor's degree. In most jobs, this is enough for full employment. But if you need to get another level, you can always enroll in a correspondence course. Then you can do everything with the help of the site and buy essay friend review. And you will not have questions with study and work. This is a good option for you.

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When they ask you Type of Business in a job application what does it mean?
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When recruiting staff for vacant positions, the personnel department preliminarily selects suitable candidates when considering resumes and interviews. After successfully completing this stage, the employer negotiates working conditions with a potential employee. To fix the preliminary agreement can be in the form of a letter with a job offer. Therefore, it is important that you make a competent summary, such as here:

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