What's the main priority in your life?

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my son

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Get a good education and reach my goal as a computer engineer. Maybe find the right girl on the way there.

What in your life do you have an obsession over

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to protect what or whom we love

City Life or Country Life?

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umm... staying alive?

Significance to Life
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My education

What is one thing in your life you would like to do over if you could?

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My future ( education) and my brother.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your entire life?
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My family, mostly my husband and my daughter.

who's someone that affect your life (the most)?

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Live my life as best i can for as long as i can.

Do you believe that love is one of the hardest obstacles of life?
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My first priority is health. When I'm healthy I can do whatever I want and your life will be better. What do you have much money for if you become sick and you can't eat anything? You can't be happy if you take some serious illnesses.

If there is an illness in your family, many difficult things happen and you have to spend much time and money in order to take care of her/him instead of working for money. And then everybody in family become busy and unhappy.

What is your top priority at this exact moment in life?
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My main priority in my life right now is keeping a positive attitude despite all the stress that I am dealing with :)

Why is awareness important for the lack of life skills?
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to live as happily as i can, wether with freinds or family.

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Doing things with hard work and honestly are always my priorities....

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