What do you think about machines taking your food/drink order instead of a waitress?

They are coming out with these in Europe at McDonalds. Do you think this is a good idea or would you prefure to talk to a human being? I think if these go global there will be countless number of job losses putting our country in a worse crisis.

Answer #1

As a customer, I would prefer it. I don’t like talking to people.

Answer #2

I’d have to agree with Cassie. I don’t particularly enjoy talking to waiters and waitresses, and I don’t enjoy having to go through niceties before ordering and getting my food.

Answer #3

Well if Europeans are anything like Americans when it comes to ordering food…..it’s never going to work. Machines can’t factor in all the indecision, changes that comes with human complexity. And people who don’t get their orders right…will be going across the street to Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc.

Answer #4

I agree with you. i like to get a side of mac sauce with my mcdouble and i bet they dont have a button for that

Answer #5

good point

Answer #6

You know Annie, this thread I’m finding interesting in that two people who have been raised in the electronics environment and the world of cell phones and texting…Don’t prefer human contact with people, but prefer contact through machines….Not knocking anyone here…..it’s just an observation…The electronics age and peoples detachments to other humans f2f.

Answer #7

I don’t think disliking having to speak with people I don’t know and hope to never see again is a bad thing. And I don’t credit it much to technology, either. Before I had much for technology, I used books to avoid people. I’ve been like this since I was a child.

Answer #8

It’s not that I prefer machines, it’s more I don’t enjoy or put much value in conversing with people. I’m not much of a people person, never was, before having a boyfriend,I spent much of my time by myself reading, playing games, doing art, etc.

Answer #9

I think that it wouldn’t be the same. It would be a bit strange, and I don’t think technology has moved on enough to be as advanced to do this.

Answer #10

Some people arent a people person. thats fine. personally i hate dealing with machines. expecially if i want it done right. Or if im calling customer service. I would rather talk to someone then deal with a machine for sure.

Answer #11

That would be a hassle & put a great number of people out of work, so no. I don’t agree. But it is, what it is.

Answer #12

I think it’s a stupid idea. Many people are gonna loose out on jobs.

Answer #13

I would’nt like it. It’s bad enough to be in a hurry and have to grab some “fast food” but I would like to be able to at least say good morning to someone. One of the problems with technology is that just because it’s new, companies sometimes think they have to implement it. Customer service and the relationship between customers and employees is what has built business and kept it going. It will bite em in the butt when people start getting mad, the way they do at the automated lady’s voice who tells you to press this and that when you call a company on the phone for customer service.

Answer #14

I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers here based on anyones post. I do understand your points. I was speaking from overall observations through generational changes. All of you are 20 ish and I’m 60. My observations and perceptions are based long before the electronic and tech communications age kicked in. And how generationally people are as a result becoming more and more withdrawn from people to people contact, for whatever reasons. As you posted Annie, .”Some people aren’t a people person” For me it’s noticing it’s the majority (numbers) that is gravitating away from people contact as compared to the past 50 years in observing changes and results of it.

Answer #15

I found working both call centers and f2f that people over the phone are more demanding and unreasonable. F2f they are less combative and more reasonable. But the fault lies both ways. Business looking for ways to dehumanize and customers thinking phone rage is okay because noone can see them. Funny how different behaviors were on both sides of the fence when mom & pop storesexisted…. Hey I just wanted to ask you…your Johnnie was here with a note to buy cigerettes and I didn’t sell them to him because I never knew you to smoke? Diners & Resturants ,.What will ya have…the usual and hold the pickle and mayo? Did Johnnie get that part time job? There was a time, you didn’t even have to place an order…the waitress already knew it and how you wanted it and in some cases so did the cook. . On the other side of the coin the customers had less reason to complain and more reason to appreciate.

Answer #16

Yea i know what ya mean. Technology has replaced a lot of means for communication for people to people contact.

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