Mac sony or dell?`

Which computer is the best?

Answer #1

Then they know NOTHING AT ALL about computers. The only way you’ll get virus’s is if you’re dumb and start file sharing without knowing anything about it first and / or watching porn.

The crashing is probably because of all the virus’s they are getting frrom WATCHING PORN. Maybe they should stop?

OR they should just be smart enough to get a FREE anti-virus and a FREE firewall and if they want even a FREE anti-spyware / anti-malware so they will be protected.

I don’t run any firewall, or anti-spyware, I just run avast and my computer has been fine for the past 5 years. Even when I got vista, my computer is still fine. I’ve been running it smoothly without any problems or crashes or ANYTHING.

Macs on the other hand and over-priced pieces of junk. Anything mac can do PC does better, thank you.

*btw don’t tell me that macs don’t have virus’s because they do, the only reason they don’t have a lot of virus’s isn’t because they are better, it’s because most people use PC’s which means for a person making a virus, they would target and infect more people, but again it’s rare to get a virus on your computer.

Answer #2

Dells are a good make, they tend to have all the functions you’ll want and as well as that they are normally quite robust and don’t get damaged too easily. As well as this they aren’t too heavy and although they are not the cheapest make you get what you pay for.

I have heard that sonys aren’t that good. They are quite expensive, when I was looking for a laptop I noticed that for the functions they had they were like £100 more then any other make with those functions. I have also heard that they are not at all robust (damage easily), although they are quite light. Obviously this all depends on what model you get.

Mac is completely different. It is a make of computer as well as an operating system, the operating system is completely different to Windows. It is a lot more creative allowing a lot more in the way of photo or video editing. Macs are normally quite expensive but like Dells they are worth paying for. They can also come ultra light-weight!!

Hope I helped.


Answer #3

ae_ninja you are wrong. My uncle does know about computers. He works for a PC software company for thirty years. He has been given awards for his excellence in computer knowledge and he has told me that he doesn’t like pcs anymore and is going to get a mac as soon as he can.

Answer #4

HP is junk. I’ve never had Sony, and never have I heard good things about it. Dell is usually ok, mines just a bad representation of the company. Macs are the s*it. But they’re pricey. Gotta choose…

Answer #5

Neither,HP is the best I know of,certain websites won’t come out the way they should with Mac,I found that out back in Los Angeles during a computer class I took. Dell,I’m not so sure,try it out and see how you like but I recommend HP.

Answer #6

I have to say that I dont have a one sided opinion because my uncle, cousin and one of my friends have pc’s and are always having problems with them. Viruses, crashing, all sorts of problems. I know both sides of the spectrum although I do know the mac side better.

Answer #7

You can’t listen to jung because he only has a one sided opinion. I have used both and come to the conclusion that macs are NOT as good as pc’s.

PC’s are better than macs in almost every way!

Faster Easier to customize Lots of free programs Easy to use Much more useful for gaming aswell … if your into that.

Answer #8

Mac is absolutely the best! No question! But that depends on what you are using it for. If you want a good graphics computer as well as computing power, memory, and speed go with a Mac. I Have the new MacBook and have had 0 problems with it since I got it in January. My old one I had for four years and also had 0 problems. Macs are the best. My whole family has had Macs since they came out in the 1980’s and have never had problems. They are fantastic.

Answer #9

I love my Acer laptop! I’ve never been a fan of macs because of incompatibility issues, but I have friends who swear by them (I think it’s a matter of being used to one operating system or another). Still, I’m a pc gal all the way. Take a look at Acer products too.

Answer #10

none of them! I have to say hp is the best computer! I have an hp touchscreen and it totally rocks! both my brothers have mac laptops and they suck! and dells are too expensive and run like cheap computers

Answer #11

mac notebook is the best!

sony vaio is awesome!

dell, not amaze me much

Answer #12

for girls use,I think the sony is better. the MAC ofcouse good,but litter expesive.

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