love songs hurt =:::[

I am so deep in love right now I cant find my way… I always hear all thees love songs talking about how great love is… how come theres no songs to warn you of how painful love is, of how much youll have to sacrifice, or the hurt the other person can cause you without even meaning to. are that the person might not even love you back! I haven’t heard any songs saying how miserable love will make you! the only thing love songs ever did for me was make me hurt worse…

Answer #1

this song isn’t directly sayin love is pain. but you get the message. I think you’ll like it. if not for its sound, for the lyrics. Me vs The World - Madina Lake

Answer #2


Answer #3

lol! nahh santa isnt reall!

and I totally will!! but that is if everything goes as plann, because the girl who is setting this all up, she is kindaa flakky

Answer #4

that tattoo sounds efin sweet! if you get it done you should totally put a pik up.

Answer #5

listen to this song all these things I hate revolve around me and tears dont fall by bullet for my valentine

Answer #6

oh so much!

but I am in a kinda alright mood now! I might get a tatoo. big wings all on my back and in the middle of it a corset peircing tattoo. very excited!

Answer #7

Yay for friends.. There good like that!

Answer #8


      I like your smiley! ☻

and you are understood negativity = bad mood.

   I gotchya = ]
Answer #9

rofl thank! it is my favorite…and this one C}=

arg. it was awfull mood. but then a friend called me and calmed me down somme.

Answer #10

yay ☺ thank u

Answer #11

haha ={D no problem buddy, and plus, at that moment I was like going insane iwth negitivity. sorry. its a really long story and I was not happy, my friend

Answer #12

dont worry, I dont min at all. I was a little negative. because it is a really touchy subject for me alsoo

you are forgiven=)

Answer #13

sounds kinda werd but look up kelly clarkson behind my hazel eyes ,,, thn since youve been gone… then you caan look up Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye ,, that one is my fave and another one that I listen to is so what by pink(my life savor) and sum rock songs umm I hate everything about you if you look up breaking up songs on google they might give you a bunch but they always get me mad and agry so I dont cry or think bout sh!t and guys lol I hpe it help

Answer #14


Answer #15

I know.. I hate it.

Answer #16

so.. love doesn’t exist huh.. so your saying oh who cares if my family dies I dont love them cus theres no such thing as love. just because you dont see something doesn’t mean that its non existent. thats like saying theres no such thing as wind cus you dont see it, you may not be able to see wind but you can feel it, same with love. dont bring your negativity around me, its pitiful. you odiously have some emotional problem, good luck dealing with that. = ]

Answer #17

Yeah I know what ya mean girl.. and I’m guessin the reason why they dont have love songs out there like that. Is so people can be reminded of the good things about love and how its so great I guess… but maybe if you look for that one song out there that relates exactly to how your feeling it might make you feel a little better.. but just like those love songs think bout all those positive things you have in your life and not the negatives and you might even start feeling better even then.. do stuff to take your mind off of it and stop listening to all those songs… cause it seems like to me thats one of the things that is making you unhappy right now… hope it helps…

Answer #18

and sorry for bein a b*tch in the comment.. this is just kind of a touchy subject for me lol = ]

Answer #19

nothing to do about it. so I try to find songs that are at least entertaining about it.

you should listing to casual satisfaction-totally michael

it usually puts a smile on my face.

Answer #20

lol, but I do actually enjoy that song. as bad as that sounds.

but pretty much almost every song out is about love, or another boy/girl

Answer #21

im managing.

and if that is how you feel, thats alright, everyone is entitled to their opinoin

and if you are still looking for a song that tells you how miserable love will make you I know one. its called- I hate love songs-gwar

Answer #22

grr.. sounds frustrating!

Answer #23

yessir!! most of the time! lol. one of my friends is a hypocondiac though…kinda fusterating rofl!

Answer #24

umm ill have to look that one up lol.

Answer #25

love doesnt exist. there are songs about it, but it doesnt make it real.

there are songs about santa. he isnt real.

Answer #26

thanx ill tray.

Answer #27

no problem.

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