Why does money suck so much?

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because most people only want money, its evil

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Because it's evil.

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Do you have a lot of money? I find that people with low incomes seem to hate it. I and like many of people who have high incomes like money. I dont know what your getting at? I would disagree I think money is great,

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arabella, you're 16 years old. If you have a lot of money, it's because your parents have a lot of money. Somehow I doubt you are a self-made teenage millionaire. And, the love of money really is the root of all evil. Money is debt, money is a system that just doesn't work. I agree with you, lovely_fluke. Money sucks.


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At the moment the problem is getting a job 'to' get money.
I hate that I don't have money, I don't hate the system.
my family do have a low income but we have what we need with some to spare. Just have to becareful since the credit crunch. Plus thats the reason I can't get a job to fix the problem as out of all the places I applied for none have called me back, it does suck.

I am tried of asking my parents for money

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