Is the lottery rigged?

Is the lottery rigged?

Answer #1

Its a difficult qustion to answer that its rigged or not. you have to work there . Cause theres no evidence. If you excluded past results of any lotto game you can’t win it whether its rigged or not. I follow my lotto game and some wnning pairs do repeat . its a difficult strategy to play winning pairs in different combinations . I have faith that one day I will have 5 winning numbers right it won’t happen over night. If someone have any advice of a random computer pairs generating ( I mean of repeated winning pairs ofcourse) than tell me please or can you create one by yourself , I have a friend who can create a program of this what I want , do you guys think its a good idea. the lotto isn’t luck if you lose than its a lack of winning pairs that you haven’t chosen . for the first time im studing those pairs that usually comes up allot whether its rigged or not .

Answer #2

One thing I found out about California’s Lottery Scratchers is that they are purchased by retailers wholesale (1/2 price) and once they’re in the retailer’s possession, they are not tracked until a winning ticket is redeemed. The retailers/clerks can scratch-off as many tickets as they wish, and leave the non-winning tickets (There’s usually a bunch of them between BIG winners..) in their display cases for the schleps to buy. My niece admitted that she worked as a cashier in a small convenience store that sold scratcher tickets in New Hampshire. She said she didn’t have to pay for the losing tickets if a winner would cover the cost of buying non-winning tickets. She said the clerks could make as much as $300.00 per night just scratching off tickets that they didn’t pay for.

Answer #3

yes the lottery is rigged and I have proof

Answer #4

I think there is something rigid most of the time.

Answer #5

No, but the odds of winning are horrendous. But of course I play it anyway.

Answer #6

no I don’t think so it’s all luck

Answer #7

I think it is not rigged but there no use in playing it because so many people buy tickets that you probaly will not win.

Answer #8

I have heard both arguments and only out of personal experience can I say that not all lottery’s maybe rigged. I say this due to the fact that you are considering a system in which the house controls the odds. Think of a casino and how the machines are set to only push out a certain amount of money as long as the machine maintains a certain percent of profit. So yes their is a pretty high statistic that you wont win but their is a chance. You have a better chance of a plane falling on top of you while a bunny smoking a cigar is flying it but you have a chance none the less. As far as my personal experience is that my uncle won the lottery for 13 million. He went through the whole process because he got the cash value option and ended up only getting around 6.28 by the time everything was settled. Well if you do play or don’t just watch out for those smoking bunny’s.

Answer #9

Yes-all lotteries are rigged including State lotteries. The auditors are paid to look the other way. The Government won’t take action because they’re taking in so much money. For instance, if the powerball is 200 million the government gets 100 million dollars. It’s rigged this way-according to a friend that used to work at powerball- the mainframe computer gives them a print out of all the number combinations that haven’t been chosen-then they inject gas into balls so that those balls come up. There’s also instances when the lottery hires actors to say they’ve won-taking the photo with the big check and all-and they (the lottery) just keep that money for the government.The most egregious act is the Cash 5 lotteries where supposedly someone wins over $200,000 2 to 3 times per week and no names are printed- my friend says Cash 5 money is never actually given away. The lottery is rigged and is a major waste of money. The most they might let you win is a measley dollar.

Answer #10

Of course there are lots of lotteries out there so some lottery somewhere might be rigged.

When I went to a trade show once I made it a goal to collect as much schwag as I possibly could. One booth had a drawing for stuff and the woman manning (womanning? personing?) it knew of my goal and made sure that I won so that lottery was rigged (she asked me to fold my entry different than the way she asked everyone else).

If you are asking about things like state lotteries; they would be very hard to rig. Big lotteries hire outside auditors to keep everything on the up and up. I would be very suprised to learn of any malfeasance at this level.

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