How can I lose weight and keep it off?

how do I lose weight and keep it off, I’ve never been at this weight that I am now

Answer #1

I think the easiest way to lose weight is to examine what you are eating. If you write down a normal days intake, honestly, with out changing what you are eating, you’ll find where the problem is. Most women should eat between 1400-1800 calories (could be more or less depending on activity, weight and height). Look at labels or go online to find out what is in the food you are eating. Things that have high quantities of sugars, fats, and sodium are usually signs that the food is not good for you or should be consumed in moderation. If you cut down on those foods and add 30 minutes of moderate exercise you’ll see a big difference in your weight and health.

Going on a short term diet does not change your lifestyle and will only change your weight while you are on the diet. For a weightloss to be permanent you need to adopt lifestyle changes such as eating a healhier diet and exercising regularly.

Answer #2

Hi, my name is Alexandrea and I’m only 16 years old and I have some good advice. Don’t eat till your stomach hurts. Eat till you are satisfied. Cut out junk food and replace it with low fat foods and or treats. eg. Tuna sandwitch, fruits, vetables, water, oatmeal, Pasta ect…And for treats you could have: Yogurt with fruit, Banana, Strawbarries, Cranola bars, Low calorie bars ect… Don’t starve yourself and skip meals! You have to eat in order to boost your motabalism. Food gives you energy and energy gets you moving and when you move you lose weight but as long as they are healthy things. You dont have to eat like a rabbit ither! You dont have to cut out all junk foods but dont eat as much as you do right now. If you want that chocolate ckae then you can but have a small slice. When you have a sweet tooth thats means you need sugar in your blood. I think girls and women tend to lose more sugar in their blood more then men do so I think that is why women like sweets more then men do but thats just me. Anyways, so eat smaller junk puportions and fattie food puportions, dont over eat, eat till you are satisfied and not till it hurts. And also remember to drink water EVERY SINGLE DAY even if you are not thirsty. If you feel thirsty then thats a sign that you need water and you should’nt feel thirsty. That is a sign of dehydration and water flushes the bad waste from your body includeing fat and it feeds your muscles, cleans your skin, and is good for your hair, teeth, EVERYTHING! It also helps with bloading even though water may make you bload up but no worries. Dont starve yourseld and dont skip meals! And be active as much as you possibley can and dont use diets because there unhealthy and dont work.

Some extra info for girls and women:

  • Scared to go on birth control because someone said it packs on the pounds and gives you acne? Well they are wrong! It clears your skin and helps with the period cramps. There some pills that dont give you bloading but I cannt remember the name of it. I actually lost some weight from being on the pills and my skin is clear and I had some pretty bad pimples and now my skin is clear!
Answer #3

Just eat slowly, and have 5-6 SMALL meals a day. And joining any sports team can help.

Instead of drinking soda, drink water. And I highly recomend Nutri-Grain bars. Theyre really healthy for you, and only 140 calories a bar. They really make a tasty snack!

Answer #4

The best way to keep weight off is to eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise and aim to lose only 1-2 lb a week. Simple exercises like walking up and down stairs, skipping and dancing is easy to do at home, snack on things like carrots, limit your fat intact, avoid junk food, sweets, sugary drinks, plenty of fibre, white meat not read and limit your carbohdrate intake, eat jacket potatoes, pasta, rice. 3 meals a day or 5 small meals, whatever suits you best. Don’t starve yourself, make sure you eat enough to boost your metabolism, which will then burn off calories. You can still have a treat once a week and only weigh yourself once a week.

Answer #5

There isn’t one solution. What might work for someone else doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you. Think of all the foods that you are eating right now and try to determine what’s bad (chips, etc.) If you drink soda, try replacing it with water. I knew a girl once who lost 10 lbs just by replacing soda with water. Again, this is no guarantee that this will work for you, but you could give it a try. Whatever you decide to do, please, just don’t starve yourself! Best of luck to you!

Answer #6

ok if u think you recently gianed alot of weight all at once maybe it was because you recently broke up with a boyfriend that can happen if u did then you have to walk alot and try not to be depressed all the time which will keep u off wanting junk food all the time,but if it didnt then u gotta excersoze all the time and avod the fatening food that u are eating and eat othher healthy choice.hope i helped!

Answer #7

ok. join a sport and make sure you go to all the practices. Eat six nice square meals a day.

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