Losing weight without losing breasts?

I recently lost about 10 pounds, but as fast as I lost it I gained it right back. But the big problem I lost about have the size of my breasts and now its just not the same and I feel insecure about them now. What can I do to tone up but without it affecting my breasts anymore than I already have.

Answer #1

inventingwhels has a point or I might have not answered this ?. Sometimes women have one breast larger than the other, it is commonly said that that one has been “ played with more”. Lots of cardio burns fat, pretty sure its evenly but you can isolate certain parts of the body in doing cardio.

Answer #2

do sit ups they help and dont take your cup size down its worked for me and also try eating a lot of fruits they have natural fatty eating things in them they are healthier and dont effect your breasts but your tummy and butt. it works for me hope this helped

Answer #3

that’s definitely incorrect. you can’t do sit-ups to lose fat on your stomach. you can’t make your body specify which fat deposits it’s going to burn for energy. however, I have heard that massaging the sides of your breasts will make them grow, but that could be a myth.

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