What's this loose skin on my vagina?

hi my name is chavely im 14 years old lmost 15 ok well look I've been real uncomfturble with loose skin in my vigina and im worried o do anything with a guy because what if they never incounerd a girl with loose skine in her vigina you no and im desprite t find out what it is and I dont no what to do because I started getting this after I had my frst perod so please answer and help thanks and byezzz...!

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Im still worried a bout that to and I could use some more advise about it because I didnt know if like somebody had a way to tighten the extra loose ski or something because im only 13 and I was scared that I did something to my self for that to happen because it started after I started riding horses at age 11 and it got worse as I got olderany more advise??

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totally normal..don't worry..but you don't need to be worrying about doing stuff with guys anyway. You need to think about your life and where you're going with it.

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Those are your labia and they are all a normal part of your vulva.

If you're not really familiar with your OWN anatomy I suggest you take a browse at this sight and educate yourself: http://www.the-clitoris.com


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Everyone has that. Don't worry.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

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heyy, im 15 years old, and I have that to, I went to my healt center thing and they said it was normal,but if your uncofertable with I you can have plastic surgery to get it removed... so hoped I help you a little bit!

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Hey, it's ok.! I have that too and I was embarrased. But now that I know other girls have it , I'm not so ashamed . And if a guy doesn't want to do you because of dome stupid flap of skin , it doesn't matter! There are other guys out there not just him! You don't need him if he gets upset over something like that!

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its called labia that is normal..all girls have them. they come in all different sizes and shaps..totally normal natural thing

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yeah I am in the same place as you...I know what she means...shes not/neither am I, interested in sex yet at all. im too young but I was just scared I was turning into a guy. aha. thank god its normal

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a lot of girls have it. I just turned 14 and it scared me my whole life till my doctor (Dr. Pepper (thats my dr.s name! XD)) told me many females have it.

and dont worry if you still have it when you start having sex because my teacher has it, and she said her husband doesnt mind. If you focus of having a family, guys dont tend to care.

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I have that to it is all normal you have nothing to worry about at all and really if you are 14yrs olfd you should not be sexually active yet at all in any way wait a while to do that stuff like after all your schooling is done then you can think about sex and well BABYS ahhh

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I'm 13 and have the same exact situation. My boyfriend started to talk about doing things together but I had to tell him I'm waiting till I'm older but mainly its because I'm scared to do anything. So I went to the doctor and she told me its perfectly normal and she has girls who come all the time asking about this and that if he does like you cause of that he does matter.
Hope I helped you, XOXO
Nicole Anderson

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