Looking for Rn's who have Felon history???

Hello, I was reading a lady who actually was in nursing school and had a felony. Well, thats me. I am not giving up. I am dong the right thing now, and I am tired of people telling me to “forget it” you will never get your RN licesne. I came in here and saw this lady writing that she was in school and that “prayer can change anything” …well, you know what? I believe that. I am a Chritian now, and I believe the Lord will give me that license. I want to hear from other Nurses that perhaps might have a felony conviction and got their RN license, there has to be some out there, someone please enlighten me, I am not giving up now, been in school too long. Peace

Answer #1

Hello there, I was reading your posting and I would really like to get to know you. I am 22 years old and when I was 16 I was charged with a felony. I attend Ross Medical and came a Medical Assistant. I ended up finding a nice job in the health care field. When I was attending college there people were all trying to discourage me, but I am glad that I kept my head up high. Now I am in my 2nd year of college at GRCC and recieving 3 degrees by summer. I plan on becoming a doctor. Don’t let people discourage you. Most likely the board of certification will look at your case as an individual basis. They take everything into consideration. My professor he’s the U.S. District attorney of Court of Appeals in Grand Rapids. I went to him when I felt discourage. He told me he knew someone who was in prison for murdering someone. He got his bachelors degree in prison and when he got out he got accepted at a law school. He finished his schooling and when it came time to get his law degree the board found out that he had a felony but they took everything into consideration. Saying he was rehabilitated. Now he’s an attorney with his own practice in Detroit MI.

Answer #2

Many nursing boards consider the type of felony that one has. Some felonies are more difficult for the boards to accept: theft, assaults, sex crimes, child/elder abuse, Check the requirements of the board in your state online. You can call and speak to someone also.

Answer #3

This is a case by case bases thing. Also it depends on the charges and the state you live in. I am going to become an lpn and then move on to get my RN’s. I know for a fact in Georgia; having talked to the state board here in Georgia myself, It is hard for them to approve someone with a violent felony and a drug charge. You will be turned down for these charges. You still have a chance if you don’t have any of these convictions. I also talked to a layer who told me my charges which are forgery would not effect me getting my degree.

Answer #4

Hi I was put on deferred ajudification in 2003 for 4 years and I completed it successfully, it was for assult, It is a long story and it really wasnt my fault but its on paper now, I really want to be a nurse but I am so scared that society wont even give me a chance. I am now a mother of 3 and I just want to better my life and do what I always wanted to do.

Answer #5

I am an emergency RN, and had a felony convition for “theft” 26 years ago. I reformed and hid it for years–until 9/11. I returned to school and became an RN, then went on to medical school at U.M. and was (literally) at the top of the class and the only 100% on a first year final exam–then I was called into the dean’s office and handed a letter of expulsion. The Dean said, “No felon has ever attended a medical school before, and we won’t be the first to graduate one.” I went back to ER Nursing, where I was ER team leader, and things went fine for another five years. Then one day I was called in and fired because they discovered the felony, now nearly 3 decades old. I found a lot of nursing jobs, and got hired in a lot of ERs, but before I started work the job would vanish after the background check. I opened my own health-care clinics and do a lot of free work in this bad economy, and also travel as a medical missionary. My RN license is still clean and active, but the prejudice of a felony does overshadow even hundreds of lives saved, and I know I’ll never work as an RN in any setting that I do not own. RHB

Answer #6

Hello I was reading what you said about being a convicted Felon and still trying to get your RN License. I just wanted to tell you that I was put on deferred adjudication for a felony, and I started school last semester to get my RN license. I too believe that God can do anything! Even though I believe God can and will do anything people still discourage me, and I still discourage myself. The answer that was posted before mine… he is right, the board takes each person and each case differently. I would just suggest making good grades and showing them that you are serious about this. I hope you make it and your dreams come true. Just keep PRAYING and have FAITH!!! I really know how you feel though. I hope you get this answer and maybe we can exchange e-mails and help each other through this. God Bless you! I was looking for someone who had done this before also, if I find anyone I will let you know.

Answer #7

Ain’t happenin’. Nurses(I was one once)are required to take the H. Oath and you cannot ever do that if you have b een convicted of any felony–that goes to ever asked about being a doctor, not in this life. As a felon–you must abandon your dreams just like I had to do and find a new one. I can tell you that you might be able to be certified, but never licensed in the medical field, and even certification takes more than just testing–you must thrust yourself merciful upon the board–and hope they take you seriously, and if your crimes involved drugs(like mine) or assault (as in a friend’s) they will be forced to turn you down, its federal law that prohibits re-entry into the medical field as a licensed professional, you just can’t if you have been convicted of a felony—stop deluding yourself.

Answer #8

Hey, I too have a felony and am on probation. I have a DWI and will be able to have a non-disclosure in five years. So for now since I really cant find a job in nursing I will be living on the welfare system and work where ever I can.

Answer #9

I have two separate felony convictions that occurred within 3 months of each other. I was seriously addicted to drugs at the time and was charged once with possession and another time with forgery for writing checks on my mother’s bank account. The crimes that I committed are horrible for me to think about, I have been on probation for years and will be getting off in June of this year. The fact that I have more than one conviction prevents me from being able to have my record expunged. I am also in college and intend to get a BSN to be an RN, possibly even continue to become a nurse practitioner. I have been off of drugs for years and made every effort to rehabilitate myself and make restitution for what I have done. I am planning on submitted a request to the governor’s office for a pardon, before I enter an RN program. In the state where I live you can’t even get accepted to the school with any kind of criminal background. If you can’t have your record expunged and you have truly turned your life around, I am sure that you would be able to pursue a full pardon and it will be granted. It really depends on what sort of actions and history you have had following your conviction.

Good Luck to you, the Pardon process is not easy and it does take a lot of time and effort but for me, if I can indeed be pardoned, it will all be well worth it.

Answer #10

I’ve been in the navy for four years and was released in July of 07’ with an honorable discharge. from there I decided I wanted to become a doctor I am half way done with my degree, just finished with my associates and I was planning on going to University of Houston to get my degree in Biomedical engineering. My Gpa so far is a 3.7. Basically the story is that I was leaving a friends apartment and was pulled over. The apartment complex that he lived out was kind of shady. after they searched me and my car they found some drugs. Opiates right then I knew my dreams were shattered. I was arrested and was put in jail on a Thursday afternoon. I was released the following Tuesday after court that Monday they offered me 90 days jail time, or 3 years probation, but after they found out that I was in college and a navy veteran they gave me 2 years deferred adjudication. They said that I could get my record sealed after I finish my probation term. another thing that sucks is that I’m in the Texas army national Guard right now and we are supposed to get deployed to Iraq this year. there is no doubt in my mind that I will ever use again I’m done with everything. I had a lot to loose and I didn’t even realized it. does anyone have any personal experience with getting into the medical field with a deferred felony drug charge that has been sealed? I am almost positive that my career in the military is finished I am actually supposed to go drill with them on the 20th but I am just to embarrassed to let them know what happened. I guess it’s a pretty safe bet to say I screwed up my life pretty good.

Answer #11

I also have been convicted of 2 felonies and want to finish my degree. So what do I need to do, get a pardon? Good luck, and remember that you can do it! All things are possible through Christ.

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