Looking for new foundation, how do you like bare minerals?

Okay, im tired of my liquid foundation, and I found out that liquid foundation seeps through your pores and gets into your bloodstream! So I want to switch to mineral foundation etc. So how do you like bare escentals mineral make up? Does it cover blemishes well? Is it really light weight? Have you had any trouble with it? I just really want to know if im going to spend the money to buy the product!

Thanks guys! (:

Answer #1

Free sample offered here: http://www.monave.com/

Answer #2

Ok here are some FYI’s about minerals:

*all foundations no matter what brand or form have minerals in them & always have

  • liquid foundations contain chemical preservatives that get inside you because your skin is NOT a waterproof barrier. Your skin is the largest respiratory organ of the human body & literally breathes into your blood stream through billions of tiny capillaries all throughout your skin. This is why you bleed if you barely nick your skin.
  • A great deal of minerals in todays foundations & makeups (all forms) are micronized below .01 microns making them nanoparticles… which pass straight into cells of your body & travel anywhere inside you… ANYWHERE. You should only use minerals that are micronized OVER .08 microns (better yet .10 microns) … however finding a company that can even understand your question if you ask them the size of their particles is almost impossible… or they just tell you anything you want to hear to get you to buy their products.
  • Most mineral cosmetics companies buy their mineral makeup from the SAME wholesale suppliers who make the products. Then they just put a label on it with their brand name. Many of the companies will add more mica, silk, or some other ingredients to “cut” the product so they make more money. So the lesson here is … stop paying a lot for those fancy names just so you can brag to each other about how much your minerals cost. It’s the same thing as the next brand! (most of them have ingredients that are bad for you & bad for your skin… so start taking notice & asking questions)
  • Nearly 100% of women who say they don’t like minerals have no idea how to apply minerals or refuse to follow the instructions correctly & apply the minerals properly. They then blame mineral makeup in general & say things like “minerals look like dirt smudged on your face”. I can apply minerals to that same woman & change her mind in less than five minutes.
  • The BIGGEST mistake women make when applying minerals is putting too much on their brush. The second biggest mistake is they don’t buff properly or long enough. These women will not like minerals because they are applying too much & not evenly distributing it properly.
  • If you look too “made up” after applying minerals… it’s not the minerals fault… it’s your own fault. Learn how to apply the minerals properly & stop using so much minerals. I tell customers who complain like this to start with HALF the amount they initially used. Then if that still looks too “made up” then cut that amount in half. You will be AMAZED at how little minerals you actually need.
  • For ANYONE who doesn’t like the minerals they bought I challenge them to do this…

Go BACK to the mirror with a clean, LIGHTLY moisturized face that is fully dried for 5 minutes. Now play a little game with yourself to see how absolutely little bit of minerals you can possibly put on a CLEAN brush & follow the directions. Pretend like the minerals cost $5000 per gram or something. See how tiny of an amount you can possibly tap into that jar lid. Then see how well you can twirl it around & around & around INTO the brush. If you are in a hurry… wait until you can take time & not rush. Once you learn you can do it fast… but learning takes TIME.

Last of all… NEVER TAP ON THE SIDE of the jar lid with the brush. Those companies love to make you waste powder & breathe it in your lungs when it should be going on your face instead. All they want is for you to buy more minerals & more often.

Point the brush end to the sky (yes, vertical) & tap the end of your brush down onto a solid surface like your dressing table or counter top. This distributes all that powder deep down into the brush evenly where it belongs.

Now buff, buff, buff, buff… in little circles with MEDIUM pressure. Your skin will NOT be harmed if you touch it with some pressure. That is another myth the cosmetics industry loves to tell… you know the one that goes on & on about how delicate & fragile your facial skin is. Then they sell you scrubs to slough off the dead skin. And when that doesn’t work you go get chemically peeled to make the wrinkles go away. So don’t be afraid to touch your face & BUFF the minerals in.

If you follow this advice, I know you’ll change your mind about minerals. Now all you need to do is make sure your minerals have no bismuth (a form of arsenic), nanoparticles (particles under .01 microns), oils, fragrance, silica, silk, talc & isn’t full of heavy weight rip off filler minerals that ruin the look of the makeup & make you have to buy more often.

Please buy whatever minerals your hearts desire. Yes, I own a mineral cosmetics company… but I’m not here to plug my minerals. As many who know me personally can tell you, I often post on forums to “myth bust” all the hype about minerals & cosmetics healty & safety. Frankly, my mineral company is very small & I wouldn’t know what to do if I got too many orders. My little crusade against dangerous & hyped up cosmetics is purely a personal passion. It’s a pledge I made to someone to do everything I can to educate women & empower women to make intelligent choices for their lives. Please don’t be someone who is “dying to be beautiful”. Take the initiative to truly educate yourself & make decisions that you can LIVE with when it comes to your health & beauty products.


Answer #3

Try www.makeupalley.com It does reviews on pretty much all beauty products. You can find out whether minerals will be good or bad for your skin type and which mineral foundation is the best. Hope this helps x

Answer #4

I bought the Bare Minerals a long time ago and like the others have said it really didnt look right. At least it didnt until I found this site


Once I started using the techniques on here it was great! Now I won’t use anything except mineral foundations.

Answer #5

Bare essentials looks like dirt smudged on your face. I used it once then threw it away. It doesn’t blend at all.

I use Rimmel’s Renew & Lift firming foundation or Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse. I switch them every once in a while because my skin seems to get used to one and then starts to break out.

xox Sika

Answer #6

Is this the make up on the infomercial with Leeza Gibbons? I bought it. I am having trouble with blending. Make sure you moisturizer is completely dry on your face or the powder sticks. It is very fine. My son said I looked made up. I am also 48 and lines show no matter what. The cleanser is awesome. All products, very high quality. Still having some trouble with the powder tho.

Answer #7

thank you you guys (: I appreciate it.

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