Its about drug test

Ey I have a drug test coming up for school, You know its new cause drug deals have been going around and I might not pass. Im scared so any advice? Like I get bad grades , and I’ve done weed, heroine and overdosed on pills[ might be illigal not shure] and if I fail I don’t know what gonna haappen , What do I do, What do I take Its in 3 weeks? Last time I smoked weed was saturday at a beach last time I did heroine like 2 months and pills about um 4 weeks? I don’t know but is there anything to get it out of the system or a good exxcuse or a way to ditch? oh and im a rebel ish ? Like the office and deans of disipline probly know my id number from how many referals they have signed off for me.

Answer #1

buy monster enyergey drings. it has to be the greenone. dring on e like 2 times a week and on the moring of the drug test

Answer #2

mmm all I know is how to clean weed out your system. theres this drink called urban detox and you can find it at like cvs or something

Answer #3

Anyone reading this.. im not showing you how to pass drug test because you shouldn’t do it in the first place. But..

Heroin is a chemical… it is gone and filtered through your blood a week max. Prescription meds again are chemicals so a week max.

THC is another story. Stores in your fat cells. you can never get rid of them.
Niacin does help in flushing your blood out. (5000mgs) ull feel like s and your skin will itch. Goldenseal is a natural herb that acts as a detox. do a liquid and take like 10 servings a day. Creatine monohydrate helps to filter water throughout your body. Cranberry filters your urinary tract. and a s load of water.

Cannot guarantee anything. Just saying what a few things might do for your body.

Answer #4

your screwed if they take a hair sample

Answer #5

Usually it takes about 30 days for marijuana to get out of your system…depending on how much/often you smoke. (I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to abuse prescription medication by the way)

Answer #6

I think it should be illegal for schools to drug test you, and if you were my child I would be throwing a fit, that would be between my child and I to figure out what we’re going to do about the whole situation…

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