How long does it take for a girl to get pregnancy symptoms, and what are they?

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It varies from one girl to another.
Tender breasts can happen as early as 1 or 2 weeks in, nausea generally happens when she'd about 6 to 8 weeks.
Usually the first sign is a missed period, but even that isn't certain. Some women tend to bloat in the first few weeks, making it look like she has a "baby-belly".

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my partner and i had sex about a week ago on x-mas eve to be exact and yesterday when we were having dinner she start feeling nausiaus and her stomach bloated. We used acondom but it slipped of. What are the chances? We prolly did it with out it for about 5mins

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Your chances are 50/50 - either she gets pregnant or she doesn't. Nothing but a pregnancy test can tell you for certain. She should wait to see if her period comes.

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Well i am 5 weeks pregnant now. I did not start feeling any symptoms untill about 3 weeks. first my boobs got tight and tender. and then i started smelling everything. Then i started feeling nausous. Not all the time though just sometimes all of a sudden i feel like imma barf lol. But thats about it for now

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