Why can't Windows be more logical?

As most of you know am an old man of seventy odd years with a great desire to try out new things b4 my evening of life turns to dusk and darkness !

Avast, SpyBot and Ad-Aware were installed in my PC.

SysChat, the free advice site, advised me to have Windows Security Essentials as they are updated by MicroSoft.

Downloaded WSE from MicroSoft download site – Began installation.

WSE told me that I should uninstall all other anti-virus programs b4 installing WSE.

Obediently uninstalled all three programs: Avast, SpyBot & Ad-Aware.

Began installed WSE only to be told ‘’SetUp / Uninstaller ‘’ of Windows has stopped working.

Not knowing how to make this work again got into a panic as my PC is completely unprotected.

And above all, my PC wouldn’t open any site for me.

Internet Explorer says “the web page cannot be displayed” even though my Mworks modem is connected to Internet.

And Chrome says ‘’this page is NOT avilable”.

Could not even open my Hotmail email account.

Re-installed the SpyBot – and no sooner it began to scan my PC the whole system began to function smoothly, as far as browsing the Internet was concerned.

Why the devil cannot they say the reason for “web page cannot be displayed” or “the page is not available” ?

Answer #1

well you might have installed a software component to WSE that may have indeed shut down your internet. I really do not trust many of the so claimed antis-spyware out there. However, about three years ago told me bout an anti spyware/malware that was called SpywareTerminator. At first I did not even want to look it up but, as gullible as I am, I ended up searching for it. I downloaded it and ever since that day, I do not think I have had a serious virus. I really recommend you downloading it and installing it. every time a software is tried to be added to your PC, SpywareTerminator will ask you if you trust the software and it will also tell you the potential dangers of downloading it. I am not exactly why uninstalling your anti-spyware caused your internet to be down. As for the ads. You can install Google Ad-block which is an installment to google chrome. I REALLY recommend this because you will not have ads while browsing a site (not even on youtube, except the in-video ads).

Answer #2

WSE is a very good program, but you should Never try to install several antivirus programs on one machine.

Hava a look and see if all the Avast components are gone. You may have to use a program from Avast to get rid of it all.

Answer #3

Thank you. Ever since i installed Spy Bot Search and Destroy program the pc is working fine. Earlier it took 8 to 9 minutes to open after the Windows logo appeared on the screen. Now it opens within 2 seconds immediately after the Windows logo disappears from the screen. A very welcome improvement indeed. I shall have your suggestion in reserve for future use. Thank you again.

Answer #4

Thank you. RevoUninstaller is the application that is used, by me, to remove an installed program. It makes use of the “uninstall” that comes with the program. And then Revo scans the Registry and removes all the files that are left behind by the uninstalled program. The “Uninstall” program of Windows never scans Registry to remove left over files.
These left over files, over time, clogs our Hard Disk and slow down the PC to an annoying level and almost forces us to go for a new pc. Ah ! More sales for Windows and lighter wallet in our pockets !!

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