Have you ever locked eyes with someone and feel such an intense connection that it takes your breath away?

Answer #1

Well it doesn’t take my breath away but theres this one dude that i’ve never spoken too before, but we always end up catching eachothers eyes & I dunno I feel somewhat of a connection but not like OMGZ I LUV U MARRY ME

Answer #2

Ummmmm, yeah everytime i pass this guy on my way to my last class I see him, and he always talks to me, and makes me feel like a person, and to add he is SO CUTE

Answer #3

Gah. Yes. I used to have that with someone.

Answer #4

I have not yet experienced that. o.o

Answer #5

ooo yes!! i only had that wit only one person ever!! it was the best feeling ever i never felt like that before…it was like love at first sight..our eyes would just lock together..n we was soo attracted to eachother..but the situation we was both in there was nothing we could do to be together..but we still talk from time to time…wish things coulda been different..but like i always say..everything happens for a reason.

Answer #6

Yes. Once upon a time, time stopped and my knees became weak and so did I. Really makes you believe in magic. But that was a very long time ago.

Answer #7

Yes, a lot many times. Eye contact even plays havoc with the heart- especially of women. An adrenaline like substance gushes inside which makes someone feel deeply compelled towards somebody. It doesn’t usually take a long time to get the feeling.

Answer #8

. Yeah - my worst JKD grappling session ever.
The guy nearly crushed the life out of me. . Still, I got free with a head-butt and gave him a good kicking. .

Answer #9

Yes … I married him :)

Answer #10

More times than I can remember!

Not just locking eyes either.

Eyeballing someone is one thing that can force you to take a surprise breath - to make you inspire - but a lot of people feel the same sensation when they catch the eye of a celebrity on stage or sportsfield.

It can also happen when you lock minds with someone through their written words on a page, or through their tone of voice, or through the characters a director has depicted in a movie.

Suddenly you know they must think as you do, even if it is only about a small detail.

The sense of rapport can be utterly profound even though you have never met the person and they will never know the level to which they impacted your emotions.

They may of course be long dead. Not everyone is that empathic though. //

These things tell us much about the human condition, but I think it comes down to the fact that a look, or a depicted look, communicates a great deal of information.

We don’t normally receive enough information from someone quickly enough to know what they really think, or to determine just how far we can trust them.

When we catch a look that says ‘I know you know what you can see in my eyes, and you now know that I can see the same in yours’, a new level of trust is established.

Despite the virtue of this, there are people who are adept at acting that look quite precisely - and it can cause you to assume a level of trust which isn’t actually there.

The same thing can happen in the other cases I mentioned, because it is easy for us to read more into a situation than is actually there, particularly if we very much want something really important to really be there.

Trust is a profoundly complex thing, that’s why there’s a whole school of philosophy on it; yet most of us spend a lifetime working around the edges of the detail, and getting hurt when things don’t turn out to be quite what we wanted them to be - even after years of deep trust. Good question,

Answer #11

Well personally i’ve never been short of breath by locking eyes with someone…i guess i just haven’t run across someone that breathtaking to ME but from time to time my heart will feel like it wants to jump out of my chest when the guy i like smiles at me. :)

Answer #12

Yes, it was true love at first site :D

Answer #13

Yep my current bf

Answer #14

This is very astute. Really good sales people are VERY good at this. I almost fell in love with a female real estate broker once and I’m not even remotely that way inclined!!!

Answer #15

great answer I can really retale to this, its the best feeling ever totally agree! :)

Answer #16

Thank you everyone for sharing!

Answer #17

Eye contact is vital in sales; a ‘you know you can trust me’ look can clinch the sale in advance of the pitch. I remember travelling alone in France, aged 24. It was in a street market. A guy caught my eye with a very strong ‘don’t we know each other?’ look and came over to talk. It didn’t seem quite a ‘right’ look though, but I’ll talk to just about anyone so went ahead. It took just a few seconds to realise he was a Moonie recruiter assuming I was some lonely guy with no purpose in life, and therefore ripe for some other form of life instead. I told him that he was a Moonie before he mentioned it - he was pretty shocked, but admitted it was true. After that, well I became much more searching for the ‘hidden agenda’ in someone’s over-nuanced stare-n-smile! I still got it wrong occasionally, but each time it happened, I was failing from a higher point than the time before. Some people have it down to an art form of course, and they just love meeting people who are so keen for things to be better than they appear that, well, they’ll throw disbelief out the window - hoping for that special magic moment. We’ve all been there, but eventually we learn to be just a little more questioning, and to say ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ before we jump in and say ‘I’m yours’ to the big bad wolf in sheep’s clothing… They say hunter-gatherers are something in the distant past, but just look around you a bit more closely; predators and doe-eyed gatherers in abundance (of all sexes) plus the odd shepherd or two and a few other interesting types. Fascinating. We may have changed our environments a lot, but our wiring is little different to what it was in ancient times. The most curious thing though is that - collectively at least - we don’t seem to have noticed. Perhaps it’s because we don’t get taught to notice; so everyone has to work it out for themselves. But I’m stilll thinking about that one!

Answer #18

yes i did now trying to believe that she is past tense

Answer #19

yup… we’re engaged….

Answer #20

A little over 4 years ago I went to a concert and a guy locked eyes with me and we started talking instantly. It was like we were the only ones in the room. We got married a month after meeting and are still married and happy. :o)

Answer #21

aww :) how did it happen tell us the story colleen

Answer #22

only once….. we had been talking for a few months and had become pretty good friends, but it was the last dance at my bestfriend’s sweet 16, and it was a slow song, so we decided to dance. in the middle of the song i dont know what he said, but i looked straight into his eyes, and it felt like everything stopped, and i know he felt it too (this was almost a year ago, like 2 months ago he even told me about it, not knowing i had felt the same thing). He is now my bestfriend and i could not imagine not having him in my life even as an adult. We are “just friends” (but thats my choice- its because im terrified of lossing him) but everyone questions why we dont date, and a few people have even said we will end up together no matter how many relationships we have with other people, or they go so far as to say we will end up married. I doubt that, but I know I have never had that with anyone else, and have no clue what it was. I do know he flat out told me he is unwilling to leave my life (in a fun/serious but not stalker way lol) and that i cant imagine a future without him in it. So it might not be love, but its definitely something :)

Answer #23

There was someone, but by the time I was ready they had already moved on. But that’s ok, if it was meant to happen it will

Answer #24

Yes, I have and he is my best friend and Husband :)

Answer #25

Colleen Rocks…Wish more couples were like that:)

Answer #26

I think that must be the unforgetable moment ever n ma life have to be a lucky to get a feel like that..

Answer #27

Yeah.. my crush and also best guy friend.. too bad he doesn’t feel the same way, but what are you gonna do? </3

Answer #28

I have had such many times… you know I am young and pretty too.

Answer #29

Of course, there are also some people who have mentally locked eyes with the spirit of a dead person and achieved the same effect. It appears to take quite a bit of practice and a lot of effort to achieve the right state of mind for sure, but I bet you’ve met or observed people who’ve fallen in love that way too. And there’s also a lot of others who want to do the same, but haven’t yet had the opportunity or learned the trick of how to become one with that special someone, that special someone we can trust without fear or question.

Answer #30

I have that whereat when my husband and I go to bed at night and then when we wake up the.mornings best thing in the world.

Answer #31

yes i did but she wasnt right for me i thought she was but i guess not

Answer #32

i have and its a feeling that is shared with that person for life. No one else can take that feeling away from you

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