Do you think that Liverpool will finish in 5th position in Premier League?

I support Liverpool football club and we are currently 6th in the Premier League, but only a few points off 5th position.It’s a long chance but can we do it. It’s not impossible i suppose. What do you think?

Answer #1

They could do. They still have to play Spurs (who are 5th) and Spurs have hard games left to play against Chelsea and Man City, so they could drop points.

Answer #2

Well I am a Manchester United fan, and it might surprise you to hear that I hope they can do it - the English game is so much better when Liverpool are playing well, and I much prefer Kenny Dalglish to Harry Rednapp, and Nrthern clubs ahead of the southern pansies. . But to be realistic, I think Liverpool have left it just a bit too late. Here is my quick analysis:

Manchester United is the only team in the Premier League that has maintained an average of 2 points per game or better.
. Liverpool have 4 games left, so let’s say they do as well as Man United have been doing and get 8 points from their last 4 games - Liverpool will then end up with 60 points. . Spurs have 5 games left and already have 55 points in the bag. All they have to do to equal Liverpool’s (fairly optimistic) 60 points is to average one point per game - and only the bottom four teams have failed to average better than that. . Realistically, Liverpool are not likely to get much more than 60 points by the end of the season, and I doubt that Spurs will get less than 6 points from their remaining games.
. Sadly I think Spurs will take 5th spot comfortably, but all credit to King Kenny - he has worked miracles with the team in the short time since he took over - when the dreadful Hodgson looked like the best he was capable of doing was avoid relegation if he was lucky. . If Liverpool stick with Kenny I fully expect them to break back into the top 4 next season and be back in the European Champions League (where they belong) the season after. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #3

I’m glad to know that a Man u fan wants us to do well, so thanks for that detailed explanation.

Answer #4

I have to admit Liverpool have played some of the greatest and most entertaining games I have ever seen. Might have to post a couple of videos of their excellence.

Answer #5

4 Liverpool vs Newcastle 3 ….. 1996 ….. truly amazing game . .

Answer #6

. ….. and the most unbelievable Club game ever - to win the European Cup against AC Milan in 2005 after being 3 - nil down at half time. . .

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Answer #8

Yes it was a brilliant game and, as a neutral I could have enjoyed it whatever the result had been, but I was really pleased that Liverpool won and let it show - even though some of my mates here in Manchester thought I was a “ traitor”.

Answer #9

o well, I wouldn’t care what they said. You still support man united, your just also interested in Liverpool fc too. But it is quite strange because of the rivalry involved between them.

Answer #10

ya they can……they r also a good team…….but chease will rock

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