Would you rather live in the country or the city?

Me country of course haha

Answer #1

I would rather live in the countryside purely because the English countryside is so beautiful compared to the traffic infested streets of the city.

Answer #2

Oh yea

Answer #3

I usally prefer living right smack in the middle of town or a bit on the outter parts. I want to be close to were I can go see friends and stores but far enough so that i’m not near high crime areas or places with black outs. Honestly I prefer slightly smallish towns, big enough to have Walmart, small enough I’m not as likely to get in a hit and run.

Answer #4

Small towns are good too

Answer #5

I would definitely prefer city! Idk, just being in the country is depressing to me, out in the middle of no where. And of course, my personality has a big part in my opinion..

Answer #6

COUNTRY. Its so quiet….

Answer #7

hard to choose. right now i live in the city. i like being able to leave my house at any hour and there being people still walking around. the city always smells funny though. i have gone to the country and it is cute but i almost got attacked by a bear with my friends for caring a bag of chips around. i can live in both, take turns :D big dreaming.

Answer #8

City. I live in the country and there’s NOTHING HERE. I like being in the city where everythings at.

Answer #9

country…..more peace and less nosey neighbors

Answer #10

I’ve lived in both… and would love to live in both equally.. the country is so peaceful. SO PEACEFUL. The city, is more convenient in having stores, etc near.

Answer #11

The countryside here is beautiful but…90% of the people living there are really old. Young people live in the city. Soooo I rather live in the city ^^

Answer #12


Answer #13

Honestly, I dream of moving to a smaller town. I’ve grown up in the largest city in the state and ended up moving to the second largest city for college. I’m just so tired of the traffic within a downtown area and the people and noise and pollution. I know the country doesn’t have tyhe convenience, but it would be so very peaceful.

Answer #14

I like the bet of both worlds, to b in the country u get alone time and stuff like that and in the city thr is much more interaction with ppl

Answer #15

Country. More freedom and privacy. I can still see my neighbor’s houses from here and can be in town in 10 minutes so it’s ideal.

Answer #16

Country. Somewhere in Vermont.

Answer #17

Country all day!

Answer #18


Answer #19

Country. <3

Answer #20

I’m a country girl. Born and raised. (Also, I’m kind of terrified of cities! :-)

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