Why are these kids posting pictures on the Internet?

why are these young 13 and 14 year old girls posting pic on the internet? that is not good. where are your parents?

Answer #1

Who cares if they post pictures of themselves?? As long as there not inapropiate I dont see a problem with it.

Answer #2

Uhh..whats wrong with posting pictures of yourself? As long as your not like semi naked or whatever, or being really provocative, then I dont see a problem.

If thats what you meant I agree, I’m 14 and id never post pictures of myself on the internet, I dont want people I dont know staring at my body :|

Answer #3

Whats exactly your problem im not allowed my pics ANYWHERE I feel like and my mum regularly checks my bebo and msn so its not always the parents not caring so dont jump to conclusions on EVERY parent!

Answer #4

2 strychnine…yes ur rite with teh “am i pretty” sito…i admit 2 doing that 2…it makes u feel betta…thatz y we do it…xoxo

Answer #5

as you said “where are your parents?”… The parents should look after them…at least…see their work when they finished it…like which websites they went to…and I think if girls know what they are doing they will not do that…that mean again parents should teach them these rules before they but the internet at home…or allow them to use it.

Answer #6

I don’t have a problem with people posting regular pictures of themselves.What I don’t like is the more racy pictures.

Answer #7

I don’t post pics of myself I like to be extra safe

Answer #8

yall need to go some where talkin ab0ut like aint nun wrong wit postin ya piccz as l0ng as they are age appriote<- or how ever you spell it other then that you nees to mind yourz

Answer #9

Where are thier parents…A B S E N T.

Answer #10

They arent too bright. THEY ARE KIDS. Kids think they know it all but they don’t. They just want the attention that they know they will get. The excitement of someone they dont know trying to talk to them. The parents probably dont know what they are doing nor do they expect their kids to be doing that. Some of the parents dont know ANYTHING about computers so they dont expect their kids to be putting pictures up online that are like that.

Answer #11

Oh, so your mom LETS you post pics on the internet??

Answer #12

well I fail…

Answer #13

Most of the time the parents arent aware of whats going on its so easy to lie. Are you talking about sexually suggestive pictures? Or just normal pictures of their face and friends etc. It could be self confidence? Taking a few good pictures posting them up on the internet and having a couple of random guys telling them they look hot probably makes them feel better. You see how many people put up their pictures asking ‘am I pretty?’

Answer #14

ah well…i see each generation is getting worse n worse…i dont understand why would u want 2 show off sexually @ 13 n 14 years old…im 16 now and I say thats a fine age…but being 13 and 14 i dont remember being like that @ all…enjoy being a teenager just dont wish 2 grow up 2 fast coz ur going 2 gt olda no matta wat so have fun being a teenager nt exploiting urself!

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