How to make lips look pale?

does anyone no how to get your lips look like a palelyy colour ?
without putting foundation on them :/
orr is there no other way apart from using lip'gloss ? :L

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Im looking for something aswell, to make my lips look pale,
but with real good shine to it, it really makes you lips stand out, but cant find anything, there is this lipgloss, which im looking for which gives your lips a pale colour, its fcuk make up
but at the moment im just using foundation to make my lips look pale lol

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I use foundation on my lips then after I put on vasaline. that gives it a nude, shiny look. you can use lipgloss but then I think that'll make you look, like you've eaten a batch of chicken. so, vasaline and foundation lol, or chapstick. aha

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Hahahahaha Bethanie12345 my names Bethany and I have the same EXACT problem!Hahahahahaha!

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I say to just put chapstick on.


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I have really red lips and I hate it soo much, and all my friends have pale lips naturally and I want to aswell. so what I use is concealer, I get a really light one and just aply it and it looks really chapped and horrible. what else can I do?

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Ohkay, I am Claudia.
And sounds to me you have the same question as I.
I put foundation, pale powder, on my lips and I have been for a year, and I tend to put it on a lot, so yeah, my friends look at me weird, but they dont understand its hard not to wear it. I keep looking online to see other answers but im not sure what else to do.
Do you think I should keep wearing it, because there is nothing else? I think a person is incharge of there own body and if someone says it looks bad, I dont know, maybe you should listen or its what makes you feel beautiful. [: Sorry if you didnt get much help, I just know what you mean! (:

-WHite lips (:

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I do that too and all my friends think im weird but it makes me look better. I use this is gonna sound mental but use conceler because it's like lipstick but in skin colour and it really works :P
Hope I helped

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