Lip piercing cost and how bad is the pain?

I want one like this.

how much does it usually cost
and how bad is the pain???

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Well to get your lip peirced it costs about 40 to 60 dollars but dont go to a place that is cheap the best thing to do is go to a professinal that knows what their doin and it isnt serious pain trust me it just feels like a hard pinch on your lip <3

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honestly mine only costed $38 and im a girl and I hate pain and it didnt hurt at all! it was just a little pinch and that was it but when they put the ball on it hurt a little but not much but afterwards you have to use alcohol free mouthwash or it will get infected because my first one did because people said I didnt need the mouthwash but trust me you need it or it hurts like hell when it is infected :(

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Go for it man when I turn 18 I will get one but I have to move out so my parents dont yell at me=).

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I getting mine done on march .23 it will cost $45

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it costed 50 for me including two small bottles of alcohol free mouthwash, it hurt not to bad kinda a stinging sensation when they put the ring through is when it hurt most but that still wasn't bad.

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it depends on where you get it usually between $20-40. It doesnt hurt too bad.
make sure you get it done professionally though.

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the prices range my friend got one for $36

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my friend got one for $30

I got me a clip on from Claire's for about $8
[thats because I change my mind a lot]

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it cost in miami $20 it hurts like a pinch dosent hurt at all good luck!

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where I got mine done at it was only $20 but their anywhere from 20-40 bucks and it doesnt hurt as long as you use listerine mouth wash every time you eat or smoke and you wash it with proxide 3 times a day

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first think about it
dont get one to be "cool" or because everyone else does
pain depends on your pain tolerance, but its nothing youcant handle
prices range from $30-$60 depending on were you go
$50 is a general amount
salons and malls are NOT profesionals
check your school, if they have a uniform they wont allow peircings, and youll have to take it out or be suspennded
ask your parents, because its not something you can hide from them
and make sure you want it
if you decide to take it out later on youll be left with a small pimple sized scar

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I got my lip piercing for 30$ and I'm going to tell you exactly how mine felt.
so, apparently the person didnt know what they were doing. Because the night before, I was watching videos on youtube about how much pain I would endure for it. Everything looked about right and simple,easy, and clean. I went to get it done, and I got what I least expected.
They put the needle in VERRRYY slowly.
And I cried from all the pain. Litterally.
halfway through, I didnt even want the piercing anymore. the pain was just not even worth it.
But now I got it redone, at a new place, and when its fast, theres no pain whatsoever.
Sorry to scare you about the first story :]

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I don't no how much they cost because I got mine dun 4 free because it was a family member that did it but he was a profeesional and he owned his own shop so he let me have it 4 free and it dsnt hurt at all I didnt feel anythng cept the clamp on it and that didnt hurt just lil pressure thts it

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My lip
Piercing only cost 45$ and honestly I didn't think it hurt at all just a little
Tiny pinch and it was done with... And I love it

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Well with tip and all, mine cost $50. So it'll be in that range. I'm a giant pansy, honestly, and the peircing itself didn't hurt too bad at all, the most painful part is the soreness afterward, oh and when the guy put on my ball after the ring was in he kinda pulled on it because it's tricky to get them on and that hurt! But if you want one the pain is tolerable.

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