What is line rental when it comes to mobile phone contracts?

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Line rental is only applicable to fixed phone lines eg: your home or work telephone and not the mobile phones.

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Oh thats weird, I've been looking at contracts for a blackberry and it has how many minutes and texts and how many months the contract is, then is says like '12 months half line rental' strangeee...

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Never heard of people being charged for line rental for mobile phones. Unless they are charging for 'call divertion", eg: people using the mobile phone as their fixed line eg: if someone rings your home or work phone and you divert all the calls to your mobile, you do get charge for that as the person is calling to a fixed landline first and then their calls are being diverted to the mobile.....Best to ring the mobile phone carrier and ask them, once you sign up, it's harder to terminate the contract without paying a massive cancellaton fee.

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99% of mobile phone contacts come with free line rental. normally 12 months and over. im guessing the '12 months half line rental' means you wont pay the full line rental and it wont be free line rental. half price, maybe :S

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Hummmm, I think it might av just been a sh1tty website.

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must have been.

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