Get in trouble for using limewire?

Ok so my dad always tells me that using limewire is bad.

Is he just kidding or can you accually get in trouble.

I think he is just trying to skare me

But can you accually get inntroube or caught or even arrested for using limewire???

Answer #1

If I have used limewire but stopped can I still get in trouble?

Answer #2

He is not kidding, it is illegal to share copyright music, you probably wont get arrested but they can fine you (a lot), if they catch you, they will fine you atleast a couple of thousand dollars…

Answer #3

hi. I downloaded limeiwre before, and I downloaded great songs, except I think my computer gor a virus. it was REALLY slow and it was messed up inside. but its ilegal to do this and stuff,yeah.

Answer #4

ty is right. its also wrong to download songs and things, because the musicians dont get any of the money from it, so its like your taking that money straight out of there pockets. its unlikely that youll get caught tho (but still possible) because so many people do it now days

Answer #5

As Ty says.

It is not illegal to install and use Limewire to download.

Problem is, it IS illegal to download copyright songs, games etc which make up 99.999% of all shared files available through Limewire.

However, I do know a few people who only use it for downloading new and unsigned bands who want to put their music out there and this is totally legal.

People sharing and downloading copyright files can be traced and there have been some high profile cases where users have been fined 1000’s of Dollars.

Also, although Limewire itself does not contain viruses, it is very easy to download infected files and contaminate your own PC if you dont know what you are doing.

Answer #6

ya you can get in trouble it is illegal unless you are downloading music from like Beethoven because his copyright is expired and they expire like 70 years after the artists death (I am not sure about how long it takes for the copyright to expire but I am sure it is between 50-150 years after the artists death.) so id say be careful because there are files that are police files that you can get caught from so I would be careful and watch out

Answer #7

I was just going to say that with limewire you download a lot of virus’s , I have… Its pretty bad cause with one song you get quite a few that can f*ck up your computer. Id stick to the ones were you pay for the songs, itunes,unless you have a good anti virus.

Answer #8

If you download at work your work can turn you in, or if you are at a school or collge they turn you in. there are ways of stoping that by not downloading at all or try vuze whit its peerguardian so they cant scan your computer.

Answer #9

hey, I use limewire, and nearly everyone uses it nowadays. I never new you could get fined for it. My dad just told me his mate got £500 fine for it and I don’t think he knew about it either. I have downloaded a lot of songs but never been caught, luckily. But now I am stopping. If anyone uses limewire, I Would STOP! if I was you.

Answer #10

it is risky and illegal but I know people who do it and they dont get in trouble at all as long as you dont download like 10,000 songs your ok and also, if you listen to your dad, you wont get in trouble, so keep that in mind too:)

Answer #11

All of you are retarded. The ones that are saying you will get arrested. First of all if you are behind a unencrypted router, chances are that you wont get in trouble. In order to get a warrant to search your computer, you can DENY you have a computer, or even make the computer dissappear! You all need to watch South Park episode from of Season 7 Christian Rock Band. It is next to imposible to prove that 1, your the one using the internet behind the router (you are behind an unencrypted router, meaning that ANYONE can use it. If you are downloading 100,000 songs or like terabytes of data, then yes you have something to worry about. Other than that, you are pretty much safe.

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