What extremely difficult life situation have you overcome and how did you do it?

Mine: Being a drug addict (meth, coke, xtc, acid, shrooms, pain pills) for 6 years, using every day over that period of time. I overcame my addictions when I became pregnant with my son. I turned my life around because it no longer revolved around me and I had no choice, I had something living in my stomach that depended on me to keep it alive. I quit cold turkey and haven’t touched a drug since.

Answer #1

wlite there is only that much a human being can do, one who doesnt want help cant be helped, as much as one may try… im very sorry to hear that…

Answer #2

Bulimia. I’m a recovering bulimic, and I did it simply because I couldnt face seeing my family like they were, also my health was suffering a lot. im definitely still not over it, but I know soon I will be able to do it. well done for over coming your drug addition!

Answer #3

O_oi used to have over 25 GB of porn on my PC and used to watch em more than twice a day… didnt make me no porn addict, I didnt loose my life because of it… and as mandy said masturbation is personal and isnt something you discuss with your mom…

colethky this may sound stupid coming from me but men are a*ses remember were the dominant spread your DNA everywhere counter parts… not all but there are a lot of em still alive that need to be put down like the dogs they are…spineless “men” id call em mice… man this sorta thing gets my blood boiling…

I hope everything turns out for the better, be strong and stand through the storm for the sun will shine once more

Answer #4

Abusive relationship which resulted in a miscarriage, that I thought was the hardest thing I would ever have to get over…I’ve come to realize that I was wrong. 3 weeks ago my husband told me that he wasn’t happy and wanted to leave, then a week later he said that he “has a girlfriend”, a couple days later he wanted to work it out and now again he said he wants out…I have 3 kids, I’m a stay at home mom, I have no idea what to do or where to go. I don’t know how I’ll ever get over this…how can anyone destroy someone like that? How can he tell me that and then say he wants to work it out and then say he doesn’t want to? I think that there must be something mentally wrong with him…he even got my kid’s hopes up, how can he destroy that?

Answer #5

Don’t take this the wrong way please - but I think that people jump on the “Porn Addiction” bandwagon too soon. I have seen real porn addicts, they have lost their houses, their wives, their money, their children, all because of porn and sex.

Although, loooking at pornography every day does not make you an addict. a lot of people look at porn daily (me and my fiance included), and it does not affect our lives in a negative manor. Of course you lied to your mother about it - your only 15 years old. What son wants to talk about sex and porn with his mother. You shouldn’t have to either, that’s a very personal subject, masterbation does not have to be discussed with your parents.

Answer #6


I can imagine how you feel, me being on the other side of your story. Your a brave man for helping out you sister as much as you did, most people would not go to those lenghts to help an addict. I can tell you now that you did everything that you could. When a person is addicted - there is no reasoning or helping them if they dont want it.

Answer #7

not ending it…

a year long depresion ended when I stopped feeling sorry for myself… it was the best thing I’ve done, I guess realizing there is still light in this darkness made me hold my head high… as for the reason,well my whole life was falling apart, dad nearly died, mom hurt herself badly and couldnt move around for 2 months, me working from 10 am till 2 am non stop everyday for a whole year, our business getting ruined, getting robbed… too many to count… I’ve put everything behind and turned a new leaf…for the better I hope…

Answer #8

I’ve never had to get over drugs or anything, but the two hardest things I’ve had to overcome were my mother passing away 3 years ago and me having a porn addiction for a really long time.

For overcoming my mother’s death, I just realized that she isn’t in pain anymore and that she is happy now, which is a lot better than being on this dreadful earth and in pain. Also, knowing that I’ll be able to see her soon also helped.

For the porn, I was addicted to it for years. It got bad enough that it was a nightly thing for me and it sucked because every time I did it, I knew I shouldn’t do it, but I just couldn’t pull myself to resist. Also, it caused me to lie straight to my mother’s face about it, that just hurts thinking about. But the main thing that got me stopped was this girl I met at my friend’s birthday party. During the party, she pretty much forced me to keep dancing and when a slow song came on, I slow danced with her. After the party, I asked the friend who’s party it was who she was and added her on myspace and all that. We started talking and talked every night for a few weeks, I told her about my addiction and she is the only person I told about it at that time, she didn’t necessarily tell me to stop, but her and I stayed up will 1-2 in the morning talking, so I never had the time to. But when we hung out for the first time, I asked her out and she accepted, so for the month we were together (yea, it’s not very long, but stuff happened that caused us to break up) I never did it partly because we were constantly talking and also, since she was my girlfriend, she deserved my full attention and it wouldn’t be fair if I was fantasizing about other girls. Now, we’re still best friends, but I just don’t get the temptation really anymore, and when I do, it just doesn’t seem as appealing as it used to. Now, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t done it since, but I have been a lot better and I don’t need it anymore.

Answer #9

Watching my twin sister which was my best friend go in and out of rehab several times over 2 years in attempt to get her life under control. Coming home to our house after working all day to support us and seeing her so high she couldn’t even talk or function. Sitting in the floor holding her all night so she wouldn’t try and leave to go and get more drugs. I did everything that I could to help her I even quit my job so I could stay with her everyday. Oct of 2006 I had a job offer that I had to take to keep us afloat I was gone for 2 days on buisiness but talked to her everyday, I came home to find that my sister had over dosed and she was gone just like that. For some reason I still feel that I could have done more to help her and I still feel that its somewhat my fault like if I would of not gone on the buisiness trip she would still be here. Maybe if I hadn’t of gone on the trip I would still be living in texas where my family is but instead I have moved a long ways away from everything that I used to know. I guess im still trying to find peace with it and still struggle with it. But thats what im trying to overcome.

Answer #10

well my dad was abusive physically and emotionally my parents seperated but i still see him every once in a while. im not sure im aloud to hate my dad but i do and iv been wandering alot lately if ii would cry if he died.

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