Do you believe in life on other planets?

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Yes i do :P

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You would have too be a moron not too,

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In fact I do.

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Not until the day NASA pays for me to test it for myself, they can easily lie to you and say that life on another planet is breathable, but until you breathe it for yourself, it's gotta be fictional.

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I think I'm proof that there is other life out there

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The idea that we are alone in the universe is absolutely ridiculous! Think of the probability of it all!!

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**this universe** ;D

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There is almost certainly there is alien life elsewhere other than Earth though we cannot say for definite yet.
There is probably a huge amount of alien life right here in our own galaxy. Maybe there is no other life in our solar system, maybe this is the only inhabited world in this system, well so what. Ours is just one star, there are between 2- 400,000,000,000 in our galaxy alone! There's a fair chance that most could have planetary systems. Even if the chance of a world being in the right place and developing life is a tiny fraction of a percent, there could still be millions of worlds.

There are also about 80 billion galaxies in the observable universe! Think of the odds. YES, I do believe there is :)

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... yet you believe in God? That's interesting.

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I do but not like the aliens that are in movies. lol. I think its more like plants and bacteria microorganism forms. Something along those lines. But really who knows there is so much space out there we wont ever get to. Kinda frustrating i wanna know whats out there

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seems unfathomable to me that of all the many sextillions of stars in our universe that we would be the only sentient life in the universe. The thing is that we have no idea how rare or common life is. If there is sentient life in one out a trillion stars that would mean billions of stars would harbor sentient life. Life might be much more common than that or much less common; we just don't know yet.

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Yah I believe in otherbplqnet aliens my dream job has always been to work at are 51 I had a class with and my teacher worked at area51 his stories were amazing

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