How is it possible that there is life on mars?

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How is it any more possible that life could have started on Earth, than that it could have started on Mars ?

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of corse their could be but mars would have to develop some sort of creature that could survive in thos conditions

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Were just studying mars in school right now and from what I understand is that an averge warm day is abou -20 and humans couldn't possibly breath with the oxygen-free atmospere .. But I don't think anyhin will really ever live there.. Lots of conditions to adapt to...:) that's my take on it.

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I think when you guys read the words "life on mars" you're thinking of something that breaths and moves like a human or creature of some sort, but dont forget that plants and algae are alive too...

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If you are a believer in God, technically anything is "possible."

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Nothing had been aproved, suspected, yes, but nothing is for sure, so really I should not say or judge anathing yet.

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Scientists have found glycine, an amino acid (considered to be a building block of life) on a comet. This has led them to believe that the building blocks of life are prevalent in space, encouraging them in their belief that life does exist outside of Earth. The likelyhood of a comet with water and glycine having landed on Mars in the past is incontrovertible; if the conditions are favorable, basic life could have emerged. Finding bacteria surviving in caves filled with toxic gases and at the bottom of the oceans next to lava tubes where the water temp is around 400 F and highly sulfuric is encouraging that life can exist on Mars or another planet with conditions not as favorable as on Earth.
Amino acids are an organic which means it came from a living organism (hence organic); my question is where did the glycine come from, since it IS organic?

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well I don't believe in god!

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Try doing a bit of reading about the "Panspermia" Hypothesis:

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