Can we please fix the "profile is private" and delete the "instant chat"?

Can we take a vote on one or the other??

Answer #1

What do you mean by fix “the profile is private”?

Answer #2

he probably means that bug where once someone follows you, you cannot see their profile and have to follow them again -_-

Answer #3

What? o-o

Answer #4

thats not a bug . that means they removed you cause they dont want you following them =P

Answer #5

when you click on the people section and you have the list of people you can see their pics and videos and funmail them without even following them and even if their profile is private.

Answer #6

nope, as you may notice from the number of followers not rising after you follow them, or the fact their status updates appear on your feed like all your other followers but you cannot access their profile….

Answer #7

As in remove the “instant chat.” & focus more so on, if a profile is private, then it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to follow a person. Someone just can’t go into it. It should remain private.

Answer #8

we should have to approve them before they can see all our stuff

Answer #9

Sadly FunAdvice has not been updated in 2 year i believe…. for reasons not known to me (happened after i quit the advisers, so yeah) the Web coders must have left (is Jeremy still here?) and it seems no one has taken it upon themselves to fix it :(

Answer #10

Exactly. . It needs an upgrade, like Fakebook..

Answer #11

I agree, they should fix the profile private request. Once a member select private, photos and their profile should be private. I also agree with The Informer, this site has been let loose, I wonder if it is sold or the founders were not making money from this site and had to look for other jobs, hence they are not FA as much…..The Informer, you never were an advisor!!!!

Answer #12

Then where is everyone, coders, founders or whoever where have they all gone. Abandoned us, to fend for ourselves..

Answer #13

LOL, its not a battlefield silly. Well, maybe they need another income so had to find other jobs apart from this? The economy in the USA isn’t doing well so it’s understandable if founders or coders need to find their bread and butter elsewhere and revenue from this Funadvice site isn’t enough….This site is no where near a big as Facebook, even FB lost over $100 millions financially a few months back.

Answer #14

Well there are other sites if it’s a problem, Colleen does so much with so little and fa just isn’t in a position to make everyone happy right now. I’m worried that because fa never gets maintained if the amount of material posted on here is gonna cause some sort of overload or whatever and crash it like twitter but I’m not very knowledgable about websites so that may be impossible idk.

Answer #15

What? you must be new here, i became an adviser within the month i joined :O

Answer #16

if you don’t believe me ask colleen ,

Answer #17

Your request might better be heard if you send it in to the “team” by using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page. Just a hint - the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Answer #18

Informer was an advisor - he chose to leave because he couldn’t conform to the rules … he’s a bad boy ;)

Answer #19

Wow, I never saw his “advisor” badge, the new or old format…but having said that, Dara did offer the advisor spot to me in the old format but it was more fun not following rules and the idea of having to be nice and sit on the fence when answering question didn’t appear to me. :-) The Informer, I offer you my apology and you can king hit me. :-P

Answer #20

Hold on, is this The Informer who was from Tehran and had a gorgeous girlfriend or wifey??? I’m positive, I never saw the badge next to his name as an advisor on the new or old format so must have be dethroned when I joined FA.

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