can I be seen can I be heard why am I a lonely bird I fly alone
and cry alone but no one cares because I am on my own

it takes the time that I knew it would to hang around like robin hood I steal from the rich and give to the poor but this lonely heart is asking for more

I am here and trying to say today is the day I want to be alone and away from the hurt and the pain the truth and the lies I just can’t stand

please tell me you love me tell me you care tell me you’ll be here forever so there

I am a girl with the lost lifless soul all alone in this heartless world crying out for someone to hear but no on will listen to me my dear

I cry and cry and cry all day but what do I get but great heart ache all I ask is to be dead because if I was dead then I would be good


Answer #1

I LOVE it its awesome like all the others one I read you have good talent lol :)

Answer #2

Wow. You are good at poetry. I’m sorry you feel so alone, and lonely, and sad. It’s probably 95% because you’re a teenager to 20’s …and people of that age, have brains, that are all messed up by hormone imbalances, and imbalances of nutrients because you probably don’t eat all that great. But IF you live past that age…you’ll get freedom, and power, and the lifestyle you earn, because you’ll work for money, and money means freedom to live where you want, and go where you want, and wear what you want… and you’ll make friends along the way. YOu do know that you were a live soul, before you were born,..and you said OK, I’ll take that life..and go live it… You chose this life. Sure you were born a baby, not remembering what it was like to live in Heaven, without a body, without being trapped on earth… But life is a school… we’re here to learn and help each other. By our own choice…so do the best you can…

Your poem says, let me be free. But if you’re in America…kid, you ARE FREE !! Sure, you probably have parents, and school and a schedule and duties..but so do everyone else. I’m guessing you have enough to eat, and clothes to wear. Do you ever think about the starving people in 3rd world counties,..or even the children who are homeless and go to bed hungry in the US? Ever think about voluenteering with the Salvation Army or the Red Cross to help them? Or making money and giving to FEED the Children? NO_ONE who helps other people, ever feel worthless or wanting to die. There is sooo much to do, so many to help… If you feel bad, it’s only because you’ve never gotten started helping others less fortunate…and if you’ve ever seen real poverty…or children who are sick with cancer and such…then you’d know there are people who are much worse off than you are…and they would LOVE for you to help them…and be there for them…and give to them…and care, and talk to them… Reach out! Talk to me , anytime you want. You can be a giver. There are animals in shelters and rescues that need help too !! Dawn :)

Answer #3

do you really think that I, your bffl, would lie to you? I know that somebody else would (not mentioning names…PAIJE!), but not me. Don’t try to kill yourself. If you steal from the rich and give to the poor, then what are you giving? If you are giving a hand to hold and a heart to understand, then I am totally with you. Just it makes me feel sad because you are always saying this, while I am sitting here, telling you not to kill yourself. I would miss you so much if you were gone. It would make me even more depressed than usual. And you’re not the only one who has been lied to btw. Remember, Paije has lied to me too. So when you think that you are alone in the middle of the night, you need to remember that there is somebody else who is either going through the same thing, or is going through things that are worse than the problems that you are experiencing. Somewhere in the world, there is somebody that wants to die more than you. You need to remember that. There are things that you can get back, like a friendship, or LOVE. But the one thing that you can’t get back is your life. You only have a limited amount of life and time. For friends and love, you can always make more when you need it, because they are infinate. Everybody whould know this, because if we are scared for tomorrow, then we aren’t focusing on today. Focus on the small details in life, and take advantage of them, because will never know when your life will end. Focusing on these things will make your life all the more great. And don’t say that you have a horrible life; you do.

So when you pray at night (I’m not sure if you do, I’m just trying to make my point), you shouldn’t be asking for friendship or love. What you should be asking for is one moer day in your life, because you will never know if it will be your last or not. One more day to tell your mom or dad that you love them. One more day to tell the one that you love how much they mean to you. One more day to thank your worst enemy because what they did made you who you are today. One more day to hear the cries of the birds in the light of the morning sun. One more day to watch the sunset. One more day to realize what you would leave behind if you were actually gone.

You need to always remember this, because if you remember the beauty in life, then you will have realized what you would have missed if you commited suicide.

I’m your best friend. I would hate it if you were gone.


Answer #4

It’s good…sad…but good. You’re making my heart hurt for you.

Answer #5

HOLY CRUD dud thats INSANELY GOOD!!! jealous haha

Answer #6

btw…great poem

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