Leopard/cheetah prints or zebra prints?

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WHAT COLORS best for zebra prints/leopard/cheetah prints?

I do love hot pink zebra stripes...lol and classic black and white of course.

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zebra nails

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I love leopard prints! oOoOo don't tell me!! you're gunna leopard print - eyeshadow your eyes aren't you? lol.. is that possible? :P

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Zebra prints.

would a Mohawk look good with stripes like a zebra?

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Cheetah prints lol...

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I got a dress that looks just like your hoodie!!!

do you think if i got my dogs name tattoo'd on me with two lil paw prints that it would be stupid?
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zebra, specially black and pink :)
I've got this hood and I luurrvve it!

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leopard/cheetah prints for sure!!!

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