What is the legal age you can travel to a different country on your own in america?

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18 I think

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Really? You can travel to different countries at 15 here :O

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I'm not sure, but I was 18 when I went to England, and my mom was technically there with me for the first hour, until she went to Holland, but when we were at the customs booths, the man we were talking to said that if I had been alone, he probably wouldn't have approved the visa because he didn't approve of someone my age being alone in a foreign country.

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oh okay thankyou

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i apreciate te answer but i need a solid answer "i think" isnt solid >< teehee thanyou u were helpful anyway

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We can on like school field trips but have to have parental conscent and u have to b 16 I think

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Ur welcome

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As young as five with parent's permission, this is a standard age for most airlines. The government actually has very little restrictions on airline age. Therefore, it depends on the airline.

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really? oh i see

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yanks can travel from 5 on their own but only on nonstop flights, so ive been told :|

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