What all have you learned from being on FunAdvice so far?

My grammar, and vocabulary have greatly improved since being on FunAdvice. Plus, I’ve learned more about respect. :]

Also, some of the questions and answers I’ve read have informed me on subjects I wasn’t familiar with before, and some have even changed my opinions and views on particular subjects. :]

What about you?

Answer #1

I completely agree with you. Mostly everything you wrote can also apply to me.

Answer #2

alot. i learned how people just talk before they think (i also learned not to do that…haha) and how silly some people are, but just to focus on yourself and to hit the goal (answering questions to fullest extent, giving advice, tips, how to’s etc) i also learned how witty some people are, and i love it :) this website is the absolute best for questions and answers, hnds down! :) but best of all I learned to love funadvice!!

Answer #3

That’s great! :D

Answer #4

Cool! :]

Answer #5

I learned that some people are rude, tempermental, uninformed and snarky.

But the best thing I learned? A lot of people are calm, kind, open-minded, confident, empathatic listeners who enjoy spending a lot of free time helping others. I learned a lot about the altruistic nature of people through this site :)

Answer #6

People are as ignorant, bigoted and small minded as I believed they were. For some unknown reason people continue to present falsehoods as fact (and claim there is evidence without being able to provide this evidence). Schools are doing a pathetic job at educating kids about sex. Not much of it is positive actually.

Answer #7

I’ve learned that a majority of our teens today are very poorly educated in safe sex and reproduction. I’ve learned how to keep my cool and not argue back with someone and instead take the higher ground. I’ve learned some great house cleaning tricks that save me tons of time. I’ve learned that funadvice is a great way to procastinate and if you dont pay attention to the time, youll be on all day and forget to do anything lol.

Answer #8

I think I have learned a little bit of everything. How rude poeple can be and mean, so much hatr and drama :(. How to give better advice, how to get help myself, also I got so informed about sex here, I dont think anybody can go trough all the questions and not learn something.

Answer #9

Thats definitively me. I can’t keep my mind of this website.

Answer #10

I learned that pet peeves where about as useful as the mucus in my nose, that opinions without a solid basis are the equivalent of a fly waiting to be smacked on, and that perspective makes all the difference.

Answer #11

I have learned how fake some people can be I have learned how people dont know how to appreciate the advice & time you actually put into the answers you actually give. I learned how to ignore a lot of rude, obnoxious people that think that they are all that and then some whom constantly try to hurt others that are actually here to help.

With that said, I also met some really good peeps who know how to keep things real & really be a friend when you really need 1. (those of you know whom you are & what you mean to me)

I also read a lot of talented poems & short stories & hope those people keep it up.

All in all I have to say funadvice is one of those sites you have mixed feelings about.

Answer #12

That sometimes people can be very stupid and ignorant. And that sometimes people can ask the most obvious questions that they should already know. And how some people have very poor grammar it’s scary and hard to read and how teens can be really stupid.

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