How do I learn how to do a cartwheel?

Okay, Im 13yrs old and yes, idk how to do a cartwheel… I want to try-out for cheer leading In to weeks, (side line basketball cheer) so I can warm up for next football season…. Like I got down everything but cartwheels are rly hard for me…. Iknow they r supposed to be rly easy but ya… so how can I practice and get them right b4 my 2 weeks are up???????? simple stretchs, videos, or comments would be great… Thanks ahead of time :)

Answer #1

plz answer!

Answer #2

u dont kno how to do a cartwheel?

Answer #3

just keep at it ! The most important thing about cartwheels is to have the nerve really Good Luck ! :D

Answer #4

There are a few videos on youtube that will help you learn how to do it. Just go to youtube and search How to do a cartwheel.

Answer #5

its really easy first you can not have fear if you think ur gnna fall than ur gnna fall , learn how to do it on soft grounnd an trampoline would work the best have a spotter. Put your arms straight up in the air an make sure they are not weak kepp them completly stright. practise goin down before you just jump in to it. When you slowly learn how to than you jump in to it or just slowly go in to it. Make sure your back it straight same with ur legs an go slow, if ur right handed than make sure you put ti down first, ur left lef will go down first than ur right hope i helped good luck chicky :)

Answer #6

Not everyone learned or is capable of doin one

Answer #7

lol…just keep trying :) and do streches daily…

Answer #8

well i know if yu learn yu can but ya i dont know how to yet when i wuz younger i wuz more into soccer, and softball, and football, then gymnastics…

Answer #9

ts your point iv played football my whole life and im a guy and i even know how to do one, its nothing agaisnt you its just odd thts all.

Answer #10

thats why you have to take it slow when doin it or you could badly hurt youself

Answer #11

ok one thing is that almost no guys at my age at least can do one but i cant so yu can deal with it i just want to learn… I can do everything else handsprings, toe touch splitz, everything… just not a cartwheel I can do it sometimes well all most all the times but i want it consistant

Answer #12

tbh it is hard…but the daily strsched to help…trust me..and you should also try doing..

Answer #13

not everyone knows how to do cartwheels..daniel? do leave cookie alone..and no one actually cares what you can do…can all your friends do a cartwheel? i’m guessing.nooo

Answer #14

wiat are you sayin this to me?

Answer #15

lol no im saying it to that

Answer #16


Answer #17

:) im not bothered anymore :)

Answer #18

no im not im saying it to that dude

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