Answer #1

LED is much better, consumes less power, is more efficient, etc. But, it costs a lot more.

Answer #2

LED. my uncle just got an LED. it is beautiful! so much nicer than a LCD.

Answer #3

I agree - LED equipment is better in terms of contrast ratios, colour purity and refresh rates. They are currently only about 50% more expensive than the inferior LCD alternatives, and the price differential is coming down.

Answer #4

LEDs. Thats what apple uses.

Answer #5

An LED tv actually has an LCD display. The difference between the two is the backlight source that is used to make the LCD display bright and visible. A conventional LCD tv has a fluorescent backlight which takes up more space and consumes more power. An LED tv still has the same LCD display, but instead uses LED lights as a backlight, saving space and using less power.

Answer #6

For what? LCD’s do not produce their own light so they generally need to be backlit. They are most commonly illuminated with small cold cathode fluorescent or electroluminescent bulbs. If you are talking about TV’s or computer monitors LED TV’s and monitors are simply LCD displays that use LEDs for illumination instead of other devices. The main advantage to LED illumination is higher contrast ratios since the LED can be turned off in dark areas In devices like watches where LCD displays do not need to be backlit LCD’s use less power than LED displays

Answer #7

Cold Cathode Flourescent bulbs are more efficient than LEDs. CCFL produce 63-80 lumens/watt vs. 15-40 lumens/watt for white LEDs. It is true that LED backlit TVs can turn off the LEDs behind dark areas of the screen but unless much of the screen is dark don’t expect energy savings..

Answer #8

A lot of bad information on the answers. All LCD televisons are the same. The actual screen is the same on both. LED televisions are really just LCD televisions that use LED lights for back lighting instead of the flourescent CFL lighting traditionally used for LCDs.

Answer #9

Try answering the question, which asks specifically which is better. There is a specific (and correct) answer in terms of cost, colour purity, contrast ratios, and refresh rates of actual equipment which can be purchased. If you think the information provided is incorrect please provide better information in terms of such specifications.

Answer #10

Ok. LCD televisions that use LED lights to backlight the lcd panel sometimes give better performance. But there are also two different kinds of LED and the person needs to research what would work best by checking reviews. Edge based LED will give you the very thin display and Local dimming backlighting features banks of LED lights behind the panel and these banks can be controlled to lower the amount of back lighting in dark areas of the screen and raise it in bright areas for higher contrast and better blacks. Now a new class of CFL back light is emerging and available that rivals and even better’s led depending on the model. In the end, the quality and expense of the glass panel matters also a great deal.

Answer #11

Is different technology. The screen that apple uses are not the same as the ones that power televisions. Apple uses IPS LCD glass panels with LED back lights for the majority of their screens and for the iPhone. Is a very expensive LCD glass technology to be used for televisions and it will cost too much to make a TV using IPS technology.

Answer #12

LED far better and expensive

Answer #13

@Fernandez - thanks that is a valuable insight.

Answer #14

I think LED is better because of its life span

Answer #15

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