How do you make Lazy Man Cabbage Rolls?

Answer #1

go to how to’s see if they hav it

Answer #2

well I think each person makes it different depending on background & choice of flavors…

my mom makes cabbage rolls, dont know if it is lazy man cabbage rolls but it comes out really awesome…

you need a whole cabbage…a huge pot filled with water and a bit of salt. dont over cook it or under cook it for if you over cook it it will be a pain to come apart…and if it is undercooked it wont come off…or might not fold properly so try to cook it evenly for perhaps 20-25 mins…depending on size as well…you may have to keep tabs on it.

once it is ready let cool for 10 mins, cut the base off and slowly peel it so you get nice pieces…dont worry if they may tear or rip you have a full head of cabbage…if one rips just take another…:P

once you have allowed the cabbage to cook, you can start with the filling…some enjoy just a simple rice mixture…and others prefer some ground meat…

to make the rice filling, you need some of your favorite rice…i would guess about a cup or two… now take an onion(1 big one is just fine…unless using 2 glasses of rice then i would go for 2) chop it into squares, not too small or it will burn when you saute them to a nice golden caramelized color) set it aside. you will need a little over a handful of parsley(make sure you only use the heads not the stems) & just chop it up…(can be either Italian or Chinese parsley makes no difference) and add it to the onions.
Now you will need to take a large skillet, and mix the onions, parsley & 3 large tablespoons of tomato paste…(not crushed or has to be tomato paste) and while on the fire keep stirring. once it is all cooked add some spices…salt & what ever you like, (we use a nice mid eastern spice mixture (ground cummin, some tumeric, ground b.pepper and ground cilantro) You can use what ever you like though! :) to the uncooked rice & just mix well till its all nice and even.

let it cool a bit then take the cabbage leaf set about 1-2 table spoons right to the center of the leaf…then fold.. start with the shorter sides then the longer ones & set in a very big pot(make sure it is not too deep…) place some teaspoons of more tomato paste for the bottom pot so it can have some sauce rather then be all dried out. add 1/2 of the pot with water and allow it to cover the cabbage rolls. allow it to cook for approximately 45 mins or until most of the water has dissolved cooking the rice inside the cabbage… once it is ready you can serve with anything from vegetarian lentils(beans, peas or any other vegetable you like such as okra or string beans..) can also try something else like a meat dish… using roast beef on the side…or many other things including ground beef dishes…

here is a recipe i found online for the cabbage rolls with beef filling!

hope this was to your liking….

bon appetite! ♥

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