What is better, a lazer printer or an ink jet printer?

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hi hun, I didnt know how to answer this so I tried looking it up & this is the most interesting part of the yada yada I found on it…hope it helps!

“A growing number of offices are replacing existing monochrome laser machines with color page printers,” says Ann Priede, an editor at Lyra Research.

Shulman suggests leaving color lasers alone, however, unless you need to print a high volume of brochures and flyers. Reason: color lasers are expensive to buy and color and black toner costs more. So unless you really need a steady stream of color promotional materials, stick to a monochrome laser.

And what about your occasional color printing needs? Keep one or two of your old ink jets around for those occasions when you need a splash of color.

“For small amounts of color printing it’s much cheaper to use an inkjet,” said Shulman. “If a business plans on printing a large amount of color it may be worthwhile to buy a color laser printer.”

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if you want the full reading material go to: “small business computing(dot)com” and it would be under: “hardware & equipment” it will be called: “Inkjet Versus Laser Printers”

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Laser Printers are cheaper if you need to do a lot of printing, put ink jets are cheaper if you only print off the occasional letter.

You need to estimate the expected usage (e.g. sheets per month) then calculate the total cost of the printer and its consumables for each type of printer.

If you intend to keep each printer for three years and print 10 pages per month , the total cost for the inkjet printer solution might only be around £100 spread over the 3 years and that would be cheaper than the cost of a laser printer and one set of cartridges.

But if you need to print 1000 pages per month it would be very much cheaper to use a laser printer.

Somewhere in between, say 100 pages per month the two printers would work out equally expensive, and you would have to decide on other factors like the size of the printer, it’s colour print purity, and the resistance to moisture smudges.

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If you need to do a decent amount of b/w, laser is the way to go IMO. They are a bit more of an investment up front but you get something like ~8000 pages per $100 toner cartridge as apposed to ~100pg per $40 black ink cartridge. Also laser toner cartridge won’t dry out like inkjet cartridge do, so you can have it sit there for months w/o doing anything with it.

Now for your average home user Color laser really isn’t worth it. You would have to be printing a decent amount of color items out to make it affordable.

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When you ask “better” you need to indicate what your criteria are.

If text quality is most important than a laser printer will be better than ink jet. If you don’t need color and print high volume laser is also cheaper. When I had both a laser and ink jet printer I calculated that the toner cost was about $.01/page and my ink jet cost about $0.10//page. When I switched from a HP ink jet printer that used a single cartridge with black, colors, and a printhead to a Canon ink jet with separate ink cartridges my costs were about half though. I should add that now most HP printers also use separate ink cartridges so Canon no longer has this advantage over HP.

Needs change over time. When I ran a mailing list business a high speed dot matrix was the best option. The dot matrix printer I owned used cheap $2 typewriter ribbons and would print reams of paper on one ribbon. Then I owned a few lasers for producing proposals, status reports, etc since ink jets back then were too fuzzy. Then I no longer had the need for perfect text and got a few ink jets to print photos. Now I figured out it is much cheaper to have my digital images printed by a service than printing them myself so next printer I’ll probably go back to laser.

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Laser Printer : faster , 1000 pages per drum, a bit cost than ink jet printer.(for office use is preferable)

Ink jet printer : slow , approx 150 pages per cartage ., cheap than laser printer.(for home use is preferable)

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