Do you still need a lawyer if you are being wrongly sued and you know you have all the evidence and contracts you need to win the case?

What if the lawyer would cost more that what you originally made off the contract?

Answer #1

No u don’t need one but I wud may consult one just to b sure, that usually runs around 35 dollars

Answer #2

You dont have to hire a lawyer for lawsuits. You can defend yourself if your comfortable enough with your chances of winning and feel you have enough evidence, or the court has free lawyers that you can use in major court…not small claims though.

Answer #3

If you know that this is something wrong then you dont have to, but sometimes it does not hurt to have one just in case you know, some people can be really tricky. But if you have all sopporting evidence and you know for sure this was a complete mistake, then the choice is up to you.

Answer #4

I dont know where you are from, & it really all depends on the case…try reading up a bit on lawhelp(dot)com. Now search for the place in your area. The try to go to small claims court. There should be like a mini video on what to expect, what you need to be prepared & what would be best to show to the judge so they are going to side with you rather then the other person.

Usually when you are being wrongfully sued, in small courts (cases that are tried for up to $25,000) you would prob win if you & the evidence you have to show the judge is convincing enough to their liking. Of course if all your evidence is concrete. If the judge feels like something dont smell kosher, meaning something looks suspicious then they will make things worse! Make sure you have everything you need with you at the case.

Now, if it is not in small claims, and they have an attorney, with all the evidence you may have, it would be easy to manipulate the situation.(one of the reasons I quit law school…seems like the ones are innocent wind up the guilty ones due to manipulation using the laws to twist anything at any given time) All you can do is say: “but…” “I …” and the lawyer will say: “no further questions” then the judge will say” “thank you, you may step down.(again all depends what judge,court & case) you sitting there or standing there with your mouth open like WTF just happened here I didnt even get to answer that.

Hopefully it gets settled out of court so no need for any courts, attorneys or unnec drama.

hope this helped. good luck.

Answer #5

$35? Wow…lawyers in Ohio are cheap…on the average, lawyers charge about $250 an hour.

Answer #6

We have the public defenders that will give you a one time consultation on any case, so say I had a dog bite me, I cud pay the 35 dollars and they cud tell me everything I need before going to court. One more if I had a child custody case I cud do the same thing, but you only get on consult per case and the consultation is for one half hour

Answer #7

Ah, yes - often a lawyer will even give a one hour consultation for free, but once it’s time to go to court, he starts ringing up the bill

Answer #8

Yes you do need a lawyer for your benefit it may cost you some money but in the end you will win….

Answer #9

I think its a good thing to have then at least if you can’t afford to have a lwayer go to court for you, they can help you get prepared for court and know what to exspect and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

Answer #10

I found that a lot of time you can bluff the other party, I did that to get a contract of a company we bought back in negotiations. I did not want to go to court but I had a lawyer present my case to the other party. The reason I did this is because they said I was not meeting the contract agreement and I was saying their contract was void because everything they had in the contract was not true. Basically they bluffed me so that I would stay within the contract, then I bluffed them back. We settled out of court, and I save a little change off the contract.

Answer #11

The court system is like poker, a good bluff goes along way, but you have to play smart.

Answer #12

No you dont. A lawyer is just your mouth piece who knows all the leagal jargon, if your well prepared, and have all your papers evidence ect there is no reason why you cant represent yourself. Altho it might be worth consulting a awyer to see where you actually stand. goodluck :)

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