How many years does it take to become a lawyer?

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to become a successful lawyer you have to have 4 years to get your bachelors.4 years to get your master and then 3 more years to attend law school. that would make 11 years of school to become a fulfilled lawyer :) but trust me it will pay off

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Four years to earn an undergraduate degree, the major can be almost anything but most students choose Criminal Justice or Political Science; some institutions offer a Bachelor's Degree in pre-law. Before being accepted to law school you must take the LSAT which is a test for admittance. If the law student carries a full credit load they can conceivably finish in three years.

After graduating from law school the person will have a Juris Doctorate and may then take the bar exam in the state where they choose to be licensed. This usually occurs a few months after graduation. Most states offer the Bar exam in February and July, about two months after most schools graduate their classes. Results can take many months before they are announced. (July exam results are typically published in November!)

After completing all the requirements and obtaining a position with a firm or opening a private practice, an attorney's "real" education begins.

I wish you every success !!

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It depends on how many years it takes to fulfill your graduation requirements at undergraduate and law school, but I'd say 4 years of college and then 4 years of law school, making a total of 8.

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about 10 years, I think. 4 years of college (bachelors). and then four more for masters. and then sumthin else. I forgot. ^_^

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7 years you have to have a 4 year bachelors degree and then go to law school for 3 years!!!

How long does it take to become a lawyer?

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