Large Vagina Lips

My girlfriend has large vagina lips.

They look normal, when she stands up the inner lips hang down like 1cm lower then the outer lips.

I recently found out that she is very self concious about them and felt like they werent normal and even tried to push them back inside her.

I am very very attracted to them, I love it when they hang when she stands and when I found out I spent like an hour telling her how normal they are and how much I like them and I even sat on the net with her going through websites about girls who have big vagina lips and how they too thought it wasnt normal

We went through heaps of photos of different looking vaginas so she could see they all look different and that hers as normal, we even searched photos of penises to show that even my penis looks completely different to other guys and how I also felt similar things about my penis and how I thought it was abnormal.

Is there anything else I can do to make her feel better about her vagina? I am seriously turned on by the way her vagina looks when she stands and it upsets me to see her cry about it when its completely normal. Is there any good websites that would help her understand its normal?

Answer #1

I hope I find a boyfriend like you someday! I feel the same way she does. My whole life I’ve felt so disgusted about my vagina. I don’t even want to ever have sex because I’m afraid the guy will flip out. The reason why is mostly because I had never ever seen a vagina with elongated labia. Just keep telling her. And don’t listen to those other people who say she needs surgery. She does not! It’s perfectly normal. Once again, she’s really lucky to have you keep it up, shell finally get that it’s normal. ;)

Answer #2

The hanging labia are the most beautiful, desirable of all. Look like rose petals, WTF, corrective procedure more like mutilation!

Answer #3

WTF!!! The labia that are hanging ruffled like rose petals are the most beautiful, desirable of all. Corrective procedure, fuck the idiot that came up with that mutilation!!!

Answer #4

well that’s good your making her know that I you like them but make sure you try to get her from being self concise about them

Answer #5

well buddy. you sound like a good guy so just keep it up. actually, what might help is giving her oral sex. that would let her know that you really love the way she is down there.

Answer #6

have you went and talked to a doc about it

Answer #7

You are an amazing boyfriend :) I think you are quite sweet. Just talking to her is great! Just keep reminding her about how beautiful she is even when there are times when she is not.

Answer #8

Just keep doing what you’re doing! You’re absolutely right that your girlfriend is perfectly normal. I’m not even sure that I’d call her labia large from your description either.

Unfortunately, it’s also perfectly normal for women to fixate on some part of their body or other for no particular reason.

I’ve always thought part of the problem is that boys are prepared from a young age to expect their genitals to change in appearance. Girls get told about breasts and periods and to expect some hair when the adult female vulva looks quite different to the girlish one. Excluding the hair (which is what we’re expecting) I’d say that my vulva changed shape more between 15 - 25 than it did between 5 - 15. I’m very happy with me now, but it did take a lover’s enthusiasm for me to twig that I had something very attractive indeed. Hopefully, she’ll come to love herself in time.

Answer #9

its just an advice, you check, that if its natural then its ok or how many boyfriends does she have and from which age she is doing sex practice

Answer #10

I had the same problem, but I ended up getting corrective surgery… Insurance covered it all because I rode horses at the time and I told the doctor that it hurt… but it really didn’t. But even after the surgery my vagina looks abnormal because it now has scarring. What a great boyfriend you are to assure her she is normal. Be consistent and she will forget all about her insecurity.

Answer #11

I Have the same prob as your girlfriend but mine are like 3cm hangin out of my vagina and I am only 13 I hate it it is gross I get bagged at school because you can see the lump where thay are and it is very painful I feel like a freak life your girlfriend

Answer #12

As for ‘labiaking’ you are an IDIOT! Her lips are completly normal and he will definatly not catch an STD from doing oral, unless ofcourse she has one, but this has nothing!! to do with the way her vagina looks!

As you’ve already bin told you sound like a great partner, and what you are doing for your girlfriend will be slowly helping her. I’ve had the same trouble and finally I believe him. Remember this can cause deep trouble in girls that have self image issues and takes a long time to get over, but keep working at it and im sure that she will soon believe that you really love the way she looks, even if she cant love herself :)

Answer #13

wow I’d love to have a boyfriend as supportive as you. I have large lips too and I haaate them |: I haven’t lost my v yet, and I’m really worried I’d be laughed at|: can anyone help me?x

Answer #14

im actually just like your girlfriend. I have big vagina lips too. I think their un normal. but people have told me that its just another form..and its fine. nothings wrong with you. so just tell your girlfriend that its just another form. and if she’d like to talk to me about it. it might be kind of awkward but im going thru the same thing and it kind of might help her. so I hope this helped…probably didnt. but bye=\

Answer #15

Aw, you sound like a really great guy. Carry on persuading her, she’ll come around. x

Answer #16

Your like my boyfriend..:) I used to think I had a bad looking vagina and like I had so many things I hated about my self but he’s seen everything and I told him about everything and he loves me the way I am. Just keep a serouis face and keep doing what you are doing. Eventually she should understand.. Don’t give up:)

Answer #17

there is a really gud tv series on vagina’s. A british woman, explores to find why teenage girls are having surgery on their vagina’s. It’s called THE PERFECT VAGINA it should really help mate, my girlfriend had the same problem. Hope it helps it did 4 me. cheers, good luck.

Answer #18

My girlfriend has one inner lip quite a lot larger than the other… and they are bigger than average anyway. But we are what we are!! If everyone was the same it would be a very boring world!!

p.s everytime you get a new girlfriend its like opening a kinder egg as you dont know what style of labia your gonna get!! :)

Answer #19

maybey you should just go down on her more often dude… you know, till she gets jelous that you are paying more attention to her other lips… because the way I see it, you’ve gone through a lot of effort to show her that you know her Vagina is normal, but shes still sad bout it so just suckem dude… go down on her like its “chicken so good make you want to slap yo Mama” lol enjoy man.

Answer #20

Mate my girlfriend was the same. she was so self concious I thought there was a problem untill she explained what was making her feel uncomfortable. Large labia lips are the best when she showed me I loved it. dude lots of oral lots of attention and ffs TELL HER YOU LOVE THEM… women get off on communication. She’ll soon get the idea and she’ll love you all the more for it.. Oh and reply to labiaking you are a uneducated, insensensitive going to spend the rest of his single life wanking himself to death loser.

Answer #21

wow your a great guy-keep at it and she will soon understand…just make sure to comfort her

Answer #22

awwhh you sound like super nice, you are doing every thing you can and keep it up because its so sweet and amazingg

Answer #23

aww you sound like such a great boyfriend to her! keep telling her how you like it and how its normal and things will get better. when I get upset about how I look or if I dont like something my b/f tells me how much he loves me and how I look and I eventually feel better about it. goodluck:)

Answer #24

omg you are officially the best boyfriend in the world from the sound of this! you just need to be serious and look into her eyes and tell her that she is beautifull in every way, and keep doin it until she believes u

girls get paranoid about their bodies, its what they do. they have no idea if what they have is normal or attractive to guys so they assume that it isnt and that really lowers their confidence

your doin an amazin job keep it up xx

Answer #25

Just keep trying. I am in the semi- stomach muscle stage so I think the way my stomach looks is gross. But everytime im with my boyfriend he puts his hands under my shirt and tells me how much he loves it, and it makes me feel better. So keep telling her, it’ll get better.

Answer #26

Mcfuson is so right! I just visited that site and I feel so much better about my own large inner labia now! Thanks mcfuson! :]

Answer #27

Don’t worry a lot about it brokenfairytale. I was the same as u. But my boyfriend that became my husband was very wonderful to me. Showed me to love my body. And your worries go away. Their is someone out there for u. I promise. I now have a daughter and another on the way. And for the supportive boyfriend you are a sweetheart. You’re girlfriend will get better and feel better about herself. Having you around helps out. And what uve done for her she will understand soon. And love you for it!

Answer #28

That’s so nice of you to explain to her and take the time to show her she’s perfectly normal and I respect you a lot for that. Just give her plenty of compliments and lots of oral so that it shows her you love her no matter what

Answer #29

you are the best boyfriend she could have - girls can get sooo sensitive and self conscious about these things . If you think about it the images we often come across are of beautiful “perfect” women and if our girlfriend has ever watched or looked at porn she has probably seen lots of smaller tucked in labia. truth is about 50 % of women have inner labia that extend past the outer labia so theres nothing abnormal about it. The more censored porn industries choose women with smaller inner lips so that it is not so naughty if you get what I mean. I have longer inner labia and have never had any complaints…I have been told its amazing even lol- tell your girlfriend that! its erotic and a normal appearance and if you love it she should learn to love it too. I used to hate mine when I was younger but looking at images online and getting comments from guys (positive ones) eventually turned me around. I am happy with the way it looks so all I can see is kep giving her complimensts, tell her why you love it and that its perfectly normal :) try not to do things that make her feel uncomfortable about them

Answer #30

its funny bc for years I thought that I wasnt normal bc my inner lips hung down (making the “turkey danglers or meat curtains”) I didnt know how common it was bc the few vaginas that I had seen were a lot more tidy looking. I then became obsessed with the fact that I was different down there. unlike penises, vaginas were a much more taboo topic and amazingly everyone that I asked was completely uninformed on the topic. I purchased a dirty (and hardcore) magazine just so that I could see up close for myself. it didnt help bc everyone was either airbrushed or wasnt shaped like me. I then decided that I would “decorate” the area to make it look better and I had my clit pierced. I always kept the region waxed.(anything to help the looks of it)

then I became a body waxer by profession. the one thing that I learned,after seeing countless vaginas up close and personal, is that vaginas all look the same and they all look different. some of the most perfect looking girls (perfect 10s) had exact matches of my vagina. as well as some of the most unattractive clients had “pretty ones”. it made no difference. I finally got over my insecurity. I learned the following:

a vagina with inner labia might look more attractive but it’s not always more functional.


usually a vagina that has “meat flaps” is that way bc the clit is bigger causing the inner labia to hang out. the delicate skin of the inner labia turns a dark color and gets a rougher texture bc of the air hitting it. bc of the bigger clit, this type of vagina is a lot more sensitive thus, a lot less work.

so its give and take, people

hidden inner labia= prettier picture not-hidden inner labia= a lot more fun

Answer #31

everyone thats wrote saying to get surgery and you may catch an std are talking s**t! it is perfectly normal, if every girl was the same it would be boring. just get licking it! she will soon get over the silly embarrassment.

Answer #32

your girlfriend is lucky to have you as a boyfriend. you like her the way she is, and that’s wonderful !! UNFORTUNATELY sir, no matter how content you are with your lady’s vagina, she will NEVER feel the same as you. talk with her and ask her if there is something she wants to do about them to make her feel better [there are like, surgeries that she can undergo to get rid of the excess skin]. you won’t have to worry that she thinks you don’t like them, because judging by what you’ve done thus far she already knows you liked her the way she was. all your simply doing is appeasing her wishes, as a good man should do. when your woman feels comfortable with herself..who knows what good things are in store for you guys in the future !! :] I HOPE I HELPED, AND GOOD LUCK !!

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