large clit

I have a larger then normal clit. and my new boyfriend was taking the piss out of a woman on a porn website who had a clit around the same size as me, now im really insecure about my vigina. and I want to have sex with him. I feel down about the fact that I cant actually do anything about it. does a womans clit size make a difference to sex? and why do men not like large clits?

Answer #1

Big clit, = giving a girl a lot of pleasure with out really doing anything x

Answer #2

No were all made different , penis arent all large not all are pretty to me either .. but if im with somone and like them enough to be intimate , then what size things are and how it looks doenst matter.. its all about connecting on a deeper level … bringing the physical and the spiritual together .. if hes really into you and mature he wont care what you have … hell do all he can to please you regardless . I would have spoke up when he made the comment and told him well thats close to how mine is .. and looked at his reaction after his snide comment , if hes insensitive and critical .. let him loose … you need to be secure in yourself before you take things to a sexual lever anyway . and besides its super common to have larger or more prominate parts .. and well im one of those . if it were that big of a deal all of woman like me would never have had sex . trust me if he doesnt like it many others wont care .. Be Safe and Be well .. Condoms arent fool proof either wash hands before using putting it on and oral sex is not safe sex ..

Answer #3

Are you more sensitive more aggressive very passionate you feel yourself out of control can you control me

Answer #4

we they dont like large slits b/c it feels good to them if it is small but then it hurts you.

Answer #5

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with a large clit, I think its good. you have nothing to feel insecure about.

Answer #6

Guys are VERY turned on by large clits no worries dear.

Answer #7

the sweetness is on the clit and actually if you have a lager clit then you are the best.guys are not going deep because there is nothing in there pleasure is just around the clit

Answer #8

I agree with mr_ 100%. I would suggest talking to your boyfriend that you feel insecure about your clit now because of what he said about the other women’s clit. Communication is key in a relationship, and if you are planning to take it to the next step with sex then you will want to get that cleared up and have him reassure you that its fine before you jump into sex, otherwise you are going to feel uncomfortable that whole time and maybe every time you have sex unless you know how he feels about your body parts. If he doesn’t get on the same level as you on this subject, ie he doesn’t want to talk “man to women” or he doesn’t like your clit than maybe he isn’t the best man to be with.


Answer #9

Don’t worry about it at all. I personally love thw larger clit. More to play with and I love the way it looks. If this dude does not like it then he may be the wrong dude for most women. I have seen quite a few clit in my life and the majority have larger lips hanging down. This is normal and preffered by most men. But as I read before if he does not like you or your body then dump him and move on. Just not worth it in the end. Hope I did not go to blunt and offend you or anyone else. If I did sorry.

Answer #10

well I say don’t be inserce about it if you like it he won’t either and and that’s not good if he’s making you feel down about your self than I leave because you can do better and find someone who will love your clit the way it is

Answer #11

Girls, large anything, clits, lips, nipples is far more desirable than small! Think about the reverse, do you want a guy with a small 2 inch dick or do you want something large you can grab onto? Larger is always more preferable during sex to give you something to play with, suck on and admire. Butterpecanr, I would kill to know you! I have looked for “you” all my life. If you girls find yourselves with an inexperienced little boy who doesn’t like what you have (or is scared of it) you can either train him or dump him!

Answer #12

large clits are amazin, but how much does a girl like it when you olay with it in your moth?

Answer #13

Honestly I asked my man if it was weird if a girl had a large clit, because I think I do and sometimes when he goes down on me he sucks on it and it makes it swell a bit and I get self consious, but he said it turns him on even more, so I dnot think you have to much to worry about honey.

Answer #14

I too have a Large clit, but along with that~I have lips that are good size. I know it would look funny if my lips were smaller~but in a mans view/opinion, does that matter? Is it less attractive for us bigger clit&lips woman? I have had MANY compliments - but I have a feeling they were just saying that because they knew how very insecure I was about it. There is also some darker coloring to them..but it seems to happen when I am tanning..BUT some color stays~ Im just confused- and sometimes it hinders me from being intimate. I am very tight though..I just feel I look sloppy, and I ALWAYS hear comments from men as well as woman that if the lips or clit are that big or color is different- that their loose woman…SO NOT TRUE..all the woman in my family were made this way..I just want to know the FULL TRUTH lol! Holly CT

Answer #15

I see this girl who has a enormous clit…about three Inches when aroused. I do her sister as well, and showed sis the clit and she was speechless.

The girl with the large clit, no kids, also has a big vagina..big everything, and I love going down on her. Sis has three kids, is much tighter with a normal clit…together they make a great woman. When they come over, they have an agenda for me and I love it

Answer #16

the bigger the better:) dont feel bad, its alrigt, that guy is crazyy he is missing out on a lot, so no worries hun, <3

Answer #17

After having had affairs with many dozens of ladys with various sized clits, I have concluded that not only does it seam they are more easily brought to orgasim; as well as being much easyer to find, I think the avg guy finds them very sexy and certainly a bonus to sex as compared to a smallish one!!! Dont fret you are like a guy with a larger than normal penis its a GOOD thing!!

Answer #18

a large clit is lovely, to be able to roll it around with your tongue and gently suck it is one of the greatest sex acts of all, tell your man to get down and enjoy it

Answer #19

I wish I had a large clit.

Answer #20

why do men not like large clits? Simple. If the clit is to big it looks like a little dick and and he is confused. (Is it “gay” to play with it?)

Answer #21

Don’t feel bad, the larger the better. Easier to find and easier to engage with a mouth.

Answer #22

Your boyfriend is obviously a pin dick and he’s just scared that your clit is bigger than his dick. Big clits are great.

Answer #23

a large clit is hot…make him lick it tell him to stop being a fairy because no other guy would complain…if he knew how to work your clit you wouldnt feel insecure…

Answer #24

I find hanging lips and a large clit so frigging arousing that I can hardly control myself. Oh, such a beautiful place to suckle and lick, until your juices flow. How many orgasms can you possibly have?

Answer #25

Do not bother about that in fact I woman with a big clit is the best because when it is aroused then the real wrestling comes and excites the dance than a woman with a small one because it gives a bigger open service area without blockage so you are nice I dont know where in the world you are I would engage you 4 24 hours marathon if you can have time.A real meaning of sex not jokes

Answer #26

Actually, I think guys are really turned on by this. I don’t want to say too much or divulge too much information about me, but I’ve found out by experience that men like them big.

Answer #27

If a clit wasn’t supposed to exist it wouldn’t have a name. It is a female part. When resting (no matter what the size) and some stay like that even) are generally smaller and fleshy but when aroused or even irritated or uncomfortable with another will engorge with blood. If repelled (which some girls can know about when Mr. wrong is near by, by chemistry and can enlarge and senses say no) Repelling seems more like a muscular resistance. Engorged is a different arousal hot steamy feeling of it and walls all puffy and wet and swollen and if you can orgasm you’ll know it is also a point right before the tingle jingle of first stage outer clit orgasm that then the walls are very wanting for the final inner spot finish of the real orgasm. I feel as though it is the foreplay button. Part one then part two.. It brings on the sensations and preps the walls like the whole package. I know through my experiences that if you can get off on the clit part next time try having a dildo up there as you do your clit or someone’s fingers gently with finger pads massage on the g area or a guys dick in there as you push on/in your clit with your fingers and go side to side some what fast or any direction. It will get you started as to real orgasming and to what to look for in the sense of Mr. right because to me the g spot is the love spot it will be really wonderful with that very special person. You can still do the other with other people and benefit from the stress release and relaxation of it for your self. Still as far as falling in love with someone I think is beneficial because you will easily know by soul warmth who you can be with with out any outer stimulation. This does not mean that from then on that know one needs to touch but in that finding that comfortable person and their personality and other stuff you won’t feel uneasy in anyway. Caress and touch all over for good periods of time with that special person is what real love making is all about with prior lips, tongues, fingers hands, makes it last longer and the feeling go on and on and on for hours…wonderful :) and other times jump right in with passion!

—As for ones boyfriend not liking clits , he actually is like a child and knows nothing about anatomy yet probably from school books with only a line a for a girl like girls are only supposed to have a hole. Magazines can shoot a lot of photos with relaxed clitted women but not aroused. Still a child and an insecurity and misunderstanding. Some girls are practically clitless others are not. It’s the way it is. With the internet now people can really get some education. Guys are all sizes too as for body parts. All girls still have both parts. In one civilization small clitted females were maids and the larger where more motherly or greater spiritual leaders. In another larger girls were killed. If you are smaller, playing a lot with it can start to bring it out by side muscles, if you want that.

Answer #28

ALSO: Just because you can orgasm w/o touch by attraction does not mean that he is the one either but will tell you if he is not by this clarity thing in your thoughts..this is good because just because you have sex with someone does not mean that because you feel funny or different that ‘this is the one’ I don’t believe in waiting w/o any experience and this proverb comes from times w/o protection AND experienced people who know sex because then you will wait about things like really tieing the knot and the test of time after many months or a few years because of really getting to know each other instead of ‘programing’ I call it..anyone and even almost everyone can get programmed in a not good enough relation It is not love but what is still good to go through to understand ‘what is’ and who you really are and like wise before marriage and kids.

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