What is the best laptop on the market today?

Answer #1

I would think one from like best buy.I hate dell laptops(the one i have) i’ve had four in three years.They break so easily!Get like a Gateway or something like that.

Answer #2

It all depends on what you want to do, and do you really need the best laptop if all you do is surf the web?

Answer #3

ok well I dj so wud a regular pc or dr. Dre’s by hp wud b better to use? I’m not worried bout the sound that comes out of the computer

Answer #4

I don’t care for best buy, I was a service manager their in there service center, and if you ever have a problem, it is going to take forever, and there warranties are only one time use, then you have to buy them again.

Answer #5

I nees a good computer, I’m a dj and it needs to have tons of memory

Answer #6

I do Karaoke for fun for friend and family, I use a laptop with 2 gig of ram and a dual core processor and it works fine. I plug a 36 inch LCD into this for music, music videos, and Karaoke.

Answer #7

Well what is a ton, I have servers with over 100 gig of ram, running SQL, I would not think you would need this much.

Answer #8

Well I use my computer for work and school memory I have over 50,000 songs on my computer right now, and it tries to go real slow, I have needed a new computer for like 2 yrs and just can’t seem to pick one I like

Answer #9

50,000 song does not use up your ram, it consumes hard drive space. If you want a fast computer you need a hard drive with high read speeds, cash on the hard drive, a good bus, but 4 gig of ram should be more than enough. Also if you have High res vids, you need a decent video card.

Answer #10

There are many manufacturers and what may be bad for somebody will work wonders for another person. First you would need a budget of how much you would like to spend. After that, what will you be doing with the laptop? If you are planning on photo editing or gaming then you can forget about anything under $800. How important is to you that the laptop be easy to carry. Believe me, even though a 16 inch screen looks sweet at the store. It will get really annoying at home unless you planning on keeping it on a desk. How important is it to you that it has a CD rom and a webcam? So many things that you need to ask yourself for such an investment and just going to Best Buy and asking a sales guy there is not gonna be of much help. All manufacturers including Dell, HP, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, Asus etc. Have excellent models and very crummy models. Is up to you by going to independent review sites or dedicated notebook sites to narrow it down. If you buy from a brick and mortar like Best Buy, Office Max etc. NEVER buy the extended warranty or have them sell you their optimization service. They will push it to sell this to you to the point of making you feel guilty. Is a real money maker for the store. All extended protection does not cover any damage that is of an accidental nature and there is a way that they word out the contract that is basically impossible to find something that is not accidental. Here is a website for you to start looking at getting some ideas of what to buy. Good luck. http://funadvice.com/r/14l31bv841g

Answer #11

Also you might think of cleaning up the computer you have, defrag the disk, clean out your temps, look at the programs running on your computer. To look at running processes the safe way to turn these off and on is from msconfig. You can run this from command line.

Answer #12

I have 2000 dollars to spend on a computer, so cost isn’t the issue, I want a laptop that will basically do everything but. I’m goin to use it mostly for work and school

Answer #13

That is a lot of money. If you want something that can do everything like you just said. Then here it is. $1,999


Answer #14

Cool thanks so muuch

Answer #15

There is nothing as demanding on a laptop as intense 3d gaming. Gaming laptops are design and tested for speed, huge storage and state of the art cooling components that are on the bleeding edge of technology. You will not find this hardware inside this laptops at your local Best Buy. http://funadvice.com/r/14l32jah9hk

Answer #16

Falcon Northwest. They make amazing laptops. http://funadvice.com/r/14l32so4s27

Answer #17

Techspot has a very nice Laptop Buying guide. I would recommend poking around in it. http://funadvice.com/r/14l32unbu1o

Answer #18

Another important tip. Even if you have cash. Use a real credit card to buy your laptop. It will extend your manufacturers warranty for an extra year after the manufacturers warranty expires. Don’t use a debit card.

Answer #19

This does not apply to you with all that money to burn but If all of a sudden you end up not having the money and want to get a good deal. Look at sites like DealNews. They will list on an hourly basis the best deals that you can get on any laptop. http://funadvice.com/r/14l33p36dgf

Answer #20

When you are going fro Laptop, i think Dell is the best . The durability and also online support function of Dell is simply superb

Answer #21

^^ Been.. No need 4 thiss Big Storyy.. Mr Lonelyy … IT’S MACBOOK :) !

Answer #22

How much does it run do u know?

Answer #23

In My Counsttryy here It Goes 500 or 400 Bd In bahrainn Butt… I dunnoo For ur Countryy .. mabyy Chepaerr .. So yeahh Macbook Is The Best ;)

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