What kind of sport is suitable for a thin 12 year old girl?

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good idea, but badminton requires rapid movements like jumps. My daughter is so thin…

Answer #3

gymnastics ?

Answer #4

Ballet, swimming, track, yoga, any form of dance in general, martial arts, or golf :) Theres probably many others those are just off the top of my head.

Answer #5

I will pick swimming. Thanks.

Answer #6

Soft ball, tenis, swimming, ballet, martial arts, track =D, soccer =D, and many many more that I cant think of! ;DD

Answer #7

Any kind would work, to be honest…. It’s whatever the girl wants, what she’s interested in, and what she’s comfortable with.

Answer #8

Ballet, Tap Dancing, Karate, Soccer, Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Track, Softball, Lacrosse, Swim Team, Golf, Basketball, ….just because she is thin doesn’t mean she can’t get into just about any sport (except maybe sumo wrestling lol)). As long as its not an impact sport such as football she should be fine regardless of being thin.

Answer #9

I will take that one into consideration Thanks.

Answer #10

anything really :P how bout horse riding or fencing! :D theyre sooo much fun :)

Answer #11

Ask her what she likes, I’d say. The best sports is one that she enjoys. The worst is one that she is obliged to do but does not like.

I did ice skating when I was a kid. And bicycling. And swimming. And Unicycling. And horseback riding.

Answer #12

To be honest I have to agree with rotten sheep on this one… The best thing to do is ask her what she likes…it can be anything from any sports like ice figure skating to simply dancing…any form of dance ballroom/ballet/flamenco/modern/hip hop/salsa/ZUMBA(Zumba is my fav, because it combines a latin & international music combo with dances from Salsa to the Mamboit’s more like a whole fitness combo of all ages & is so much fun because you are garanteed to sweat & burn calories…from music of all latin cultures…even raggaeton …when I was 12 I loved dancing to ballet/flamenco…Today I am addicted to ZUMBA)

* but that is just me…you can check it out just google zumba and watch a few videos can youtube it as well…it’s the best workout I have ever tried…who knows maybe she will like it as well..and who knows maybe you will too. :P

Answer #13

Anything really, if you’re in good shape, maybe avoid contact sports, but softball maybe, or even soccer, or flag football even maybe..

Answer #14

If given the option to her, she would deff say FOOTBALL. However due to her small bone structure, the doctor suggest us to pick sports which does not include too much bone bouncing like football or muscle arts. The previous day I offered heer to take swimming lesson, she said it was too girly DANG!!!!

Answer #15

hahahaah xD how about volleyball or dancing?

Answer #16

LMFAO…that is why I suggested dancing…you can burn up to 900 calories a session…55 mins of Zumba…guaranteed…women swear by it…it will boost the metabolism, shed weight, work every inch of your body…if you dont believe me try it yourself just youtube it…and do 4 mins -9 mins….its so intense & so much fun…& it wont make anyone feel too girly about it because you get a kick@ss work out garanted to sweat…precisely what you want as results in all the problem areas plus it makes you feel so good…I am tellin you I am hooked! :P This one girl lost 80lbs doing it!

Answer #17

I frikken LOVE ZUMBA!!!!!! it is A-M-Z-I-N-G-L-Y EPIC :D haha especially if u do it with someone :D haha i did it with my mom xD hahahaha was actually really fun :P

Answer #18

*still is ;) :D

Answer #19

I know right……ugh my god I am soooo hooked…It really is amazing, the hype of the music plus a wonderful work out… because you dont feel like it is aerobics or that sort of crap…its like your dancing regularly to music…& I ♥ Dancing…:P

Answer #20

i kno!!! its more like a fun hobby rather than actually exercising! xD haha and it tones your body rlly well :D tht guy who came up with it is jst pure awesomness xD hahaha :D

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